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Business Description
We are a network of qualified Agile Talent who work on Software Development projects, Web design, graphic and multimedia, Digital Marketing and different disciplines for organizational development. We work remotely with Professional Clients and diverse Organizations for the execution of projects that solve their needs. Our goal is to raise the standards of excellence, inspiration, talent and human quality and according to our purpose and values.
Long Business Description

We work in those activities that make us vibrate, that we are passionate, dedicated in body and soul to practice, becoming experts. We never stop learning, and then we share, because when it is shared, even richer and better ideas are generated and we help to contribute to a better world. We struggle to achieve Fullness as People. When we leave this world we do not take anything, but what we can leave for others is a lot.

Our 8 Values:

The Promise we made to the Client must be fulfilled and our work and support must enchant them. We foster a culture of incessant problem solving, value creation, collaboration and constant feedback with our entire community.
We work with autonomy, promoting the professional growth of our community. We do not understand borders and geographical limits or any type. We work remotely from anywhere in the world with agile tools, with the freedom and commitment of Excellence with any Person or Organization in the world. We are involved in the development of a Community of Professionals supporting the improvement in the mastery of our skills. We support each other and ask for help when we need it.
We share our knowledge and experience. Everything we have built is born from previous work. That is why we are willing to contribute with our personal contribution to the chain of knowledge and thus help with social improvement. Always connecting People, Organizations and ideas.
We reward people. We care about People and that’s why we take care of them. We recognize Professional work. We share the benefits resulting from the Work of excellence. Loving the People is our obligation. The demand for professionalism is not incompatible with the treatment and kindness.
We want to succeed, as well as breathe. It is not about doing more, but about being better. Always learning. We move fast. It is not the performance of a week or a Sprint, it is a commitment for life.
Respect for ourselves, respect for others and responsibility for all our actions. Personal and Professional Maturity. We self-manage our work and take responsibility for it.
Eternally young, with an attitude of constant improvement. There are always, somewhere, two guys in a garage planning our demise. Either we go ahead or they will achieve it.
Have fun. We have fun with good projects. Passion, fun and results always go together. We take the time to have fun in life. We believe in the goodness and potential of the People.

Based in
Mataró (Barcelona)
agile talent, software development, web design
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