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Business Description
2050 Materials is a digital library for the AEC industry to find, compare and specify building materials according to their sustainability. This addresses a rapidly growing need to consider the life-cycle impacts of specified materials in new-build projects, and contributes to the fight against the global climate emergency. 2050 Materials democratizes sustainability assessments by providing a one-stop portal for architects and contractors to find, specify and procure more sustainable materials.
Long Business Description

Architects today spend hours researching information on building materials. Accounting for the environmental and social impacts of the specified products in construction projects is becoming a necessity in Europe. This is driven by the rising pressure from regulators to reduce emissions, in light of the climate emergency. However, sustainability data is notoriously hard to find and interpret, necessitating the involvement of specialists who manually collect, analyze and simplify the data for architects and their clients. This pushes program duration and costs up, often at a prohibitive level.
2050 Materials collects all sustainability information for building products, digitizes it, and builds ESG-like models to simplify and convey the information to non-specialists in an understandable format. This reduces research time from days to a few minutes, cuts consulting costs and enables architects to consider the sustainability impact of their designs at the earliest possible stage.

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