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London-based Bluedot raises €560K to solve the privacy puzzle in AI recorded meetings

Bluedot, a startup transforming meeting recordings and documentation for businesses, has attracted €560k in angel investment to continue its rapid growth. Notable backers include Daniel Gross via Pioneer (former YC partner), Greg Jakacki, founder of Codility, Tomas James, an early investor in Zendesk, Bridget Harris, Founder of YouCanBookMe, and Google for Startups.

The company was founded in 2022 by a team of two co-founders originally from Ukraine – Ruslan, Dima – who are currently based across London and Dusseldorf. They met ten years ago while studying at the same university, and it’s their second venture already.

“Currently, Bluedot has a small team of four, and we plan to stay lean. The new funding will be used for customer acquisition. We aim to prove Sam Altman’s claim that you can build a billion-dollar company with no more than a 10-person team. AI finally makes this possible,” said Co-Founder Ruslan Halilov. 

Bluedot’s advanced platform transcribes meetings, generates AI-powered notes, and provides in-depth conversation analyses, freeing-up teams from manual note-taking. Unlike most tools that require inviting external bots for recording, Bluedot seamlessly integrates with Google Meet for secure, local-only recording.

“Having a Chrome extension recorder is more secure than inviting external bots or participants because it operates locally without transmitting sensitive data or granting access to unauthorized third parties,” said Co-Founder Dima Eremin. 

This approach ensure high level of privacy, making Bluedot a game-changer in the corporate AI space. The company has already attracted over 1,000 paying customers, including Salesforce, UserTesting, and Dept Agency. 

“I didn’t like the idea that there is this bot joining my calls as a note taker, which seemed to be sneakily integrated into my calendar. With Bluedot, the experience is completely different,” said Bridget Harris, CEO of YouCanBookMe and Bluedot investor. 

The company employs a product-led growth model, making the onboard easy, so it spreads quickly across organizations. With a total addressable market of $23 billion, Bluedot is well-positioned to capture a considerable share of the meeting management and productivity solutions sector in Europe and beyond.


Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
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