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Beyond earth: 10 European startups leading the space tech revolution

The dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of space technology demands continuous innovation. As such, startups are uniquely positioned to bring fresh ideas and agile solutions to the table. Their involvement not only accelerates technological progress but also drives competition, fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration.

Across Europe, pioneering startups are leading this transformation, introducing groundbreaking solutions that redefine our approach to space technology. These emerging companies are not just innovators but are crucial in setting new standards for how we explore and utilize space to create a sustainable future.

For this article, we delved into this exciting sector to curate a list of 10 promising startups driving space technology innovation and contributing to a greener, more connected planet. From Munich to Paris, and from Berlin to Toulouse, these startups are leveraging advanced technologies and innovative business models to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of space technology.

The world’s leading HAPS platform: Zephyr

AALTO: Based in Hampshire, AALTO specialises in developing and manufacturing High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), specifically the AALTO Zephyr aircraft. This innovative HAPS aircraft is designed for persistent operation in the stratosphere, aiming to enhance global connectivity through direct-to-device, low latency 5G non-terrestrial mobile connections. Founded in 2022, the company has raised €91.9 million to leverage this technology to improve and save lives by offering a new dimension of connectivity.

AIRMO’s Team

AIRMO: Based in Bayern, AIRMO supports direct emitters, decision-makers, and financial institutions in transitioning to Net-0 by monitoring their direct emissions from space. With roots in innovation and a commitment to environmental responsibility, AIRMO aims to revolutionise GHG monitoring through advanced satellite technology, proprietary LiDAR instruments, and data analytics. Founded in 2022, AIRMO has raised €5.27 million to help manage humanity’s impact on Earth.


ATMOS Space Cargo: Based in Baden, ATMOS Space Cargo develops and manufactures space capsules to return cargo, microgravity experiments, and commercial products from space, including entire rocket stages. Their technology aims to facilitate efficient return logistics from space, enhancing the capabilities of space missions. ATMOS will enter the market with its first demonstration mission at the end of 2024. Founded in 2021, the company has raised €5.3 million.


blackshark.ai: Based in Graz, blackshark.ai provides a 3D digital twin of Earth by extracting information from satellite imagery and reconstructing detected attributes in photorealistic 3D automatically. Their scalable AI platform detects features globally with incredible precision and speed, allowing powerful visualisation and simulation applications across various industries. Founded in 2020, blackshark.ai has raised €32.18 million, supported by Microsoft’s venture fund M12 and Silicon Valley VC Point72 Ventures.

Dark: Based in Paris, DARK specialises in space security by removing space debris to protect Earth and space operations. They prioritise removing large objects causing dangerous re-entries. Their Interceptor platform handles unplanned missions like emergency debris removal. Founded in 2021, they have raised over €10 million to address the unpredictable needs of space security.

Greg Wyler E-Space’s CEO

E-Space: Based in Toulouse, E-Space is a global space company focused on creating the world’s most sustainable low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network. They use advanced IoT and AI for smart, automated decisions. Their affordable systems make space access accessible and secure. E-Space supports various industries, including government, defence, agriculture, and logistics. Founded in 2021, E-Space has raised €45.97 million aiming to revolutionise  LEO systems.


Latitude: Based in Reims, is a pioneering rocket launch company dedicated to advancing space technologies and fostering a brighter future. They specialise in launching small satellites using their 19m Zephyr light launcher, powered by the 3D-printed Navier engine. Founded in 2019, Latitude has raised €34.84 million. aim to provide cost-effective and reliable launch solutions for small satellites, enhancing access to space for various applications.


Reflex Aerospace: Based in Berlin, Reflex Aerospace specialises in rapid, payload-centric, dual-use small satellite solutions. They design and develop satellites for various applications, including Satcom, Earth Observation, and LEO PNT. Reflex’s unique design process ensures high reliability, top-performing core avionics, and quick delivery times, with all non-recurring costs included. Founded in 2021, Reflex Aerospace has raised €10.25 million to enable fast innovation in space without compromises or surprises.


The Exploration Company: Based in Munich, The Exploration Company is dedicated to building accessible, sustainable, and cooperative space worlds. They focus on developing their core technologies in-house, ensuring high reliability and performance. Their modular and reusable spaceships, named Nyx, can be refuelled in orbit, use green propellants, and have an open-source operating system. Founded in 2021, the company has raised €46.8 million to serve the needs of space stations around Earth and the Moon.

Vyoma: Based in Munich, Vyoma specialises in advanced space traffic management, providing insights to optimize operations and mitigate risks. They offer collision avoidance for commercial operators and LEO-to-GEO orbital data for defence operators. Their global sensor network with real-time mapping of space objects delivers precise data for well-informed decisions. Founded in 2020, Vyoma has raised €16 million to ensure satellite safety as space traffic increases.

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