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Amsterdam-based defense tech Avalor AI raises €2 million to enhance military unmanned systems

Dutch software company Avalor AI has successfully raised a seed round of €2 million, led by Keen Venture Partners, to accelerate autonomous capabilities of unmanned military systems. 

Envisioning ‘multi-domain distributed mission autonomy,’ Avalor AI’s Nexus™ platform enables unmanned systems across various domains (air, land, sea) to autonomously plan, coordinate, and execute complex missions cooperatively through a single human-machine interface. The company’s hardware-agnostic artificial intelligence software allows for the integration and operations of unmanned systems from different OEMs and countries.

The investment reflects the growing importance of venture capital’s role in funding defence technology innovation, particularly in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. With the support of Keen Venture Partners, Avalor AI will use the funding to accelerate the development and deployment of their innovative solutions, and expand further into the European market by targeting strategic partnerships and deployments within key NATO allies.

Founded in 2021, Avalor AI has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the field of autonomous systems. It has already embarked on various projects with the Dutch Ministry of Defence and notable partners like the Estonian ground robot manufacturer Milrem Robotics and the Dutch drone manufacturer Deltaquad, showcasing the practical applications and benefits of their technology in real-world scenarios. The company’s recent missions in Ukraine further highlighted the critical need for advanced autonomy in military operations, where their technology aims to significantly improve mission efficiency and safety for human operators.

“With the backing of Keen Venture Partners, we are positioned to revolutionize the operational capabilities of unmanned systems in Europe,” said Maurits Korthals Altes, CEO of Avalor AI. “Our Nexus™ software is designed to bring unprecedented levels of autonomy and interoperability, ensuring that various unmanned systems can work together seamlessly, regardless of their country of origin.”

Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
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