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London-based Hypervision Surgical raises €7.5 million to redefine surgical imaging with AI and clinical edge computing

Hypervision Surgical, a London-based venture building an advanced surgical imaging and data analytics platform, announced the successful completion of an oversubscribed Seed funding round, raising €7.5 million. By harnessing AI and clinical edge computing, the King’s College London spin-out aims to revolutionise surgical outcomes and alleviate the global burden of surgical complications across diverse surgical specialties.

The funding round was led by a syndicate of highly experienced European and American HealthTech investors, including HERAN Partners, Redalpine, LifeX Ventures, and ZEISS Ventures, the corporate venture arm of the ZEISS Group, a global technology leader operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.

“We are incredibly excited about the transformative potential of our Hyperspectral Intelligence platform,” said Michael Ebner, CEO and co-founder of Hypervision Surgical. “Imagine a complex tumour surgery where surgeons can rely on precise measurements and tissue property information to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissue. Our technology makes the invisible visible, empowering surgeons to make confident decisions with enhanced precision and ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

The newly secured funding will accelerate the development of Hypervision Surgical’s cutting-edge vision technology and be used to attain regulatory clearance in the United States and Europe. The company will expand collaborations with leading surgeons, renowned surgical centres, and strategic industry partners on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure a successful market launch and smooth integration into clinical practice. Additionally, the completion of UK clinical evaluation studies on colorectal and neurosurgery in the coming year will further enhance its evidence base.

Raf Roelands, Investment Director at HERAN Partners, stated, “Hypervision Surgical’s hardware-agnostic solution has the potential to redefine the standard of care in surgical imaging across various procedures, from open to minimally invasive, robotics, and microscopic surgeries.”

Daniel Dillinger, Investment Manager at Redalpine, emphasised, “Hypervision Surgical’s objective tissue characterisation and analytics platform is uniquely positioned to drive surgical decision-making and address critical unmet needs in the growing field of minimally invasive surgery, which sees nearly 200 million procedures annually.”

Iñaki Berenguer, Founding Partner at LifeX Ventures, highlighted the potential impact, stating, “The innovation in AI-powered vision systems, with simplified deployment in hospitals, holds the key to significantly improving the lives of millions of patients undergoing critical surgeries. Hypervision Surgical has the necessary ingredients to lead in this category.”

In conjunction with the funding announcement, Hypervision Surgical announced Martin Frost CBE, Founder and former CEO of CMR Surgical, to its board of directors.

Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
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