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EU-Startups Podcast | Episode 35: Cristina Bentue Co-founder and COO IriusRisk

In this episode of the EU-Startups Podcast we catch up with Cristina Bentue Co-founder and COO IriusRisk.

With a background in computer science and software development, Cristina Bentue embarked on her entrepreneurial adventure almost a decade ago, and her journey has propelled her to become a prominent figure in the ecosystem of Cybersecurity startups and scale-ups. She actively participates in several mentoring programs, empowering girls and women in STEAM roles. As the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at IriusRisk, Cristina has had the privilege of working with a dedicated team that has transformed a small startup into the leading Threat Modeling company in the market. Under her leadership, IriusRisk has grown from 2 people to a workforce of 120 employees spanning three continents, and the company is expected to continue its growth trajectory as one of the most promising companies in the appsec sector.

Founded in 2018, IriusRisk is a cybersecurity company specialising in risk assessment and management. They provide organisations with a proprietary risk assessment platform that helps identify vulnerabilities, evaluate threats, and implement effective security measures. Through risk models, threat intelligence, and compliance frameworks, IrisRisk enables businesses to enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect critical assets. They offer consulting services, expertise, and training to develop customised risk management strategies and improve incident response capabilities. IrisRisk aims to proactively assist organisations in mitigating cybersecurity risks in an evolving threat landscape.

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