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Swiss startup Biolytica raises €5.34 million for its AI-driven ultra-personalized health data platform

Healthtech innovator, Biolytica, has just secured €5.34 million to expand its health data platform that is enabling longer and healthier lives through hyper-personalised care. The Swiss startup now plans to scale its launch.

Healthcare is a rapidly growing tech space, full of impactful innovation, and catering to new demands and desires of people worldwide. We’ve seen the rise of hyper-personalised health services (enabled by tech), the rise of at-home healthcare and independent care, as well as a move towards preventive healthcare – with the aim of generating, longer, healthier lives.

Swiss startup Biolytica is tapping into the longevity market. It’s developed a hea data platform, Biolytica NEXUS, to develop a personalized path to longer healthspan, make better predictions, and support a human-focused health journey.

The startup has just secured €5.34 million from Maximon Longevity Co-Investment
Fund to fuel growth.

Dr. Rob Konrad Maciejweski, CEO and Founder of Biolytica: “We are thrilled to have Maximon’s support in our mission to revolutionize how we think about health and prevention in particular. With the investment from Maximon, we aim to establish ourselves as the leading data platform for preventive healthcare and longevity, and continue to drive innovation in personalized health and wellness.”

Biolytica NEXUS has been in stealth mode since October 2021, with conceptual origins tracing back to 2016. Its initial launch was made this year, and it’s already hitting promising metrics and results.

The AI-driven platform aggregates, visualizes and analyzes data from genomics, blood and epigenetic biomarkers, as well as microbiome biomarkers, wearable devices, lifestyle data and more. This enables the company to provide solutions for healthcare professionals such as preventive medicine institutions, longevity centres, personalised wellness clinics but also insurance companies and others to create hyper-personalized client health journeys

In addition to the B2B platform, Biolytica also offers B2C concierge health optimization and longevity programs, provided by its team of longevity experts and backed by the platform. These programmes offer r personalized guidance and support for clients seeking to optimize their health and extend their lifespan with a data and science-driven approach.

With this new funding, the healthtech innovators plan to expand their R&D efforts, scale services to a wider client base and collaborate with leading experts and clinics.

Joerg Rieker, Founding Partner at Maximon and Board Member of Biolytica: “The team at Biolytica is at the forefront of hyper-personalized health, data analytics and lifespan extension. We are confident that their unique approach to science-based, data-driven and AI supported healthcare will have a transformative impact not only on the longevity industry, but on healthcare and prevention in general.”

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