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London-based career mentoring platform CareerPaths secures €232k pre-seed funding from QVentures and various angels

London-based career mentoring platform founded in 2021, CareerPaths, has secured €232,000 in pre-seed funding from QVentures, a prominent venture capital firm, and a group of angel investors. This investment will fuel CareerPaths’ expansion into new industries and geographical regions, as well as the further enhancement of its platform. The company aims to revolutionise career advice and promote social mobility within competitive industries worldwide. With a mission to provide individuals with access to top-tier professionals and personalised mentoring, CareerPaths strives to level the playing field for career development across sectors such as technology, investment banking, M&A, private equity, venture capital, and strategy consulting.

CareerPaths was founded with the purpose of addressing the challenge of connecting users with highly respected career coaches in competitive industries. This inventive platform adopts a structured mentorship approach, allowing experienced professionals to share their invaluable insights and experiences with mentees. By bridging the gap between seasoned industry veterans and aspiring professionals, CareerPaths aims to make a positive impact on the career trajectories of its users. The platform aims to tackle the issue of limited access to career opportunities by democratising mentorship across various industries. By facilitating connections between ambitious individuals and accomplished mentors, CareerPaths strives to level the playing field and promote social mobility. Its ultimate goal is to empower individuals to navigate competitive industries more effectively, facilitating the achievement of their professional aspirations.


The funding round was led by QVentures, a renowned venture capital firm, which contributed €232,000. In addition, several angel investors, including some who have assumed advisory roles within CareerPaths, also participated in the funding. This financial support, combined with the expertise and guidance of the investors, strengthens CareerPaths’ position as it expands its reach and refines its offerings. Alex Cochand, Head of Origination at QVentures says: “CareerPaths are addressing a huge problem both for companies and applicants that all too often doors are closed to them without preferential access. This is the first company we have seen that directly confronts this global problem in a commercially viable way.”

Co-founders Guy Ellis and Saad Farooq bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this fast-growing company. Guy Ellis, with a background at prestigious institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Alcuin Capital Partners LLP, and Rockpool Investments, possesses over a decade of private equity investment experience and currently serves on the boards of multiple rapidly growing UK businesses. Saad Farooq, with a strong background in management consultancy and a track record of co-founding successful startups like ISHU and Winchit, adds entrepreneurial insight to CareerPaths’ strategic vision.

With the recent funding, CareerPaths plans to expand its presence into new industries and geographical regions while further enhancing its product offering. The game-changing company aims to accelerate the adoption of its innovative approach to career mentoring. By continuously refining and developing its services, CareerPaths wants to be at the forefront of career development and support, catering to the evolving needs of professionals in competitive industries.

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Antonio L. Escárzaga
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