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French neobank Green-Got lands €5 million to fuel the future of sustainable banking

Climate-friendly fintech Green-Got has a vision of unlocking the green transition in the finance world. The French startup has now raised €5 million, through a combination of crowdfunding and VC investment, to scale. 

The green transition is firmly on across Europe. From how we heat our homes and transport ourselves and our products to our diets and consumer choices, sustainability is now a leading factor in everyday decisions and interactions.

When it comes to finance and banking, climate consciousness is also taking centre stage. Finance has an incredibly powerful role in Europe’s green transition and unlocking that will prove monumental in the race towards creating more sustainable societies.

French startup, Green-Got, wants to facilitate that. The neobank has just raised €5 million, including €1.9 million in crowdfunding in less than 80 minutes, to change how people manage their money.

In the round, €3 million has been invested by climate tech VC Pale blue dot. Green-Got has been community-focused since its inception and was able to raise its €1.9 million crowdfunding target in just 80 minutes. More than 10,000 customers declared interest in the investment opportunity with 1,350 people able to invest.

Founded in 2020 by Maud Caillaux, Andréa Ganovelli and Fabien Huet, Green-Got offers a sustainable approach to banking and finances. The neobank offers its customers alternative and 100% transparent and ecological bank accounts which, with each payment, contribute free of charge to the financing of the de-pollution of the oceans, the afforestation or the development of renewable energy.

Maud Caillaux, Green-Got co-founder: “We have built Green-Got since day one with our community. This dream to build a bank that funds the transition is a dream we share with all our users. It was very important for us to enable them to be technically associated with the project they have supported for months now. We are changing the financing model so that everyone, regardless of their financial status, can join the adventure. Not only the biggest international investors.”

The online payment and savings account enables users to pay anywhere in the world with a card made of natural wood or recycled plastic.

The vision is to change the world of traditional finance by redirecting financial flows towards transition. So far, the firm has already stored or avoided more than 12k tons of CO2e through its banking platform.

Whilst the amount of money going towards climate has increased by 60% since 2013, there is still a massive gap in global climate financing. Green-Got’s platform directs financial support to high-impact environmental projects.

In addition, Green-Got allows has engineered its own carbon calculator for its users to measure and control the CO2e emissions linked to their spending. 

With this new funding, the climate-led fintech team plan to address the green finance market in other European countries like Belgium and develop their offer with personal saving accounts and accounts for sole traders.

Andrea Ganovelli, CEO and co-founder of Green-Got: “We are facing a big demand in this growing green finance market in Europe. Our challenges today are prioritizing these market demands: which countries offer for which customers. We are delighted to see such growth and enthusiasm. This fundraising will allow us to scale the offer and the impact of Green-Got.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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