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EU-Startups Pitch Competition finalist Gossik secures €1 million in funding to help you get organized and stay in control

Swiss startup Gossik has secured almost €1 million in funding for its digital assistant tool. The St Gallen-based team now plans to scale the solution, positively impacting more lives with better productivity. 

In the modern world, we are constantly hit by distractions and it’s become increasingly challenging to stay organized amidst a myriad of tech tools, productivity helpers and near-constant stimuli. This is further made complicated for those who have an ADHD diagnosis.

Based in St Gallen, Gossik is a startup aiming to make it easier to get organized and stay in control, through active guidance, personal interaction and accountability. The startup, which competed in the Pitch Competition at the 2022 edition of the EU-Startups Summit, has now secured pre-seed funding to scale.

The round, which is near the million mark, includes umantis founder Nicole Herzog, Doodle founder Paul Sevinç, and the investment company Fortyone as backers.

Gossik was founded in 2021 by Diego Gladig and Benno Staub with the aim of helping people bring more structure into their everyday lives, especially young people and children with an ADHD diagnosis. 

Diego Gladig: “With our offer, the affected children become more independent and are able to bring order into their daily lives, which relieves both the parents and the children.”

The app helps adolescents between the ages of 13 and 20 with ADHD to become more organized and focused. The app is combined with expert coaching from ADHD experts who provide valuable psycho-education to both adolescents and their parents. This holistic approach enables users to find independent coping mechanisms for everyday life. 

In Switzerland alone, more than 10% of all children and adolescents are affected by ADHD – and the numbers are rising. Tools like Gossik will prove valuable in giving these young people the tools to succeed in future life. The platform operates amongst three pillars of focus; helping users become more self-organised, enlightening and educating around ADHD medication, behaviours and tendencies, and, connecting knowledge experts with the schools and families that need support.

Diego Gladig: “The demand for support in coping with everyday life by those affected and their parents, but also by schools, is enormous. We already have a waiting list for the accompanying coaching.”

Via the app, users can access support with organising and completing tasks, create thought lists to enable clearer thinking and can get a weekly review of progress and interaction. This is in combination with the coaching aspect with further supports goal achievement, psychoeducational and medical reviews.

This new capital will be used to further develop and scale the digital assistant, as well as expand the platform.

Benno Staub: “We are proud that we have been able to successfully close a financing round with experienced entrepreneurs, especially in these challenging times. We are looking forward to getting started.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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