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10 Slovakian startups to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond

In recent years, the startup ecosystems of Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona have gained significant attention, but it is also important to acknowledge the exciting developments taking place in Slovakia. The startup scene in this country is buzzing with activity and leaving its mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. With a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs, Slovakia offers a distinct advantage for its growing startup ecosystem, particularly in Bratislava with its proximity to three major European cities: Budapest, Brno, and Vienna.

The availability of many incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces foster a culture of innovation. However, Slovak startups face challenges in penetrating global markets due to a lack of strong marketing and sales skills, but more importantly due to the lack of capital. Nevertheless, there are promising indications for the future of this startup scene. While Slovakia may be awaiting its first unicorn startup, the country’s growing ecosystem fosters an environment rich in opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Taking note of the exciting developments happening in Bratislava’s startup ecosystem, we have identified 10 early-stage startups, all founded after 2019, that we firmly believe are poised to have an exceptionally promising year ahead. These startups have exhibited remarkable potential, and we are excited to highlight their achievements and contributions to this thriving startup scene.

InobatInoBat: Bratislava-based InoBat is a company focused on R&D and battery production, with a goal of offering new energy solutions to the European market. They are utilizing the strong automotive, petrochemical, and energy sectors in Central and Eastern Europe to establish R&D and testing platforms, as well as future production lines. InoBat is also looking to build joint ventures by partnering with industrial groups in the CEE region, in order to provide market access for leading technologies. The 2019-founded startup is involved in three industry verticals: electro-mobility, energy storage, and hydrogen, and since its inception it has raised €15 million.

BlockmateBlockmate: Bratislava-based Blockmate offers a unified API that provides comprehensive financial insights, including aggregated views of accounts, risk and credit scoring, and regulatory compliance. The company’s flagship product, Blockmate Link, is a fast and efficient app that can be installed in just a few minutes. Founded in 2021, Blockmate has raised €2 million since then. 

scaseScase: Also based in Bratislava, Scase is a diagnostic solution that includes a portable, point-of-care medical device equipped with smart sensors, such as contact and contactless thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, and pulse oximeters. It also features a digital patient database with automatic reminders, tailored questionnaires, measurement and drug-taking plans. This solution also connects to a digital platform that enables two-way communication, visualization, and transmission of patient vital data, which can be accessed by healthcare providers, doctors, patients, and their relatives. Founded in 2019 it has raised almost €1 million in total so far. 

ehossEHOSS: Galanta-based EHOSS is an innovative technology company that specializes in the equestrian industry, technology, engineering, and science. Its mission is to empower customers to revolutionize equestrian industries and markets binding the physical and digital realms, and improving the everyday lives of millions of horses. Founded in 2021, they have already been able to secure above €1 million in funding. 

iERPiERP.ai: Bratislava-based, iERP.ai uses AI to improve clients’ online presence. Nostradamus Cloud, the company’s product, provides two unique services to assist clients prosper in the digital era. The first is an SEO Assistant that offers users a website SEO audit, history SEO tracking, search engine registration, and AI SEO suggestions. The second feature is a Blog Assistant, it creates keywords and blog images while assisting users to create SEO-optimized pieces that are invisible to AI content trackers. It was founded in 2019 and has raised a total of €650k.

AgevoltAgeVolt: Bratislava-based AgeVolt is a provider of a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem that makes EV charging convenient and accessible. The company’s innovative technology enables chargers to be installed using existing electrical connections, eliminating the need for new connections. AgeVolt’s charging system is shareable with the public and provides an overview of energy consumption for the entire building. It can also be connected to finance or occupancy management systems, used for marketing purposes, and integrated into business strategies. Founded in 2019, they have been able to raise €600k.

binarbaseBinarBase: Bratislava-based BinarBase is a no-code data intelligence tool that simplifies data analytics workflows for enterprises, enabling smarter decision-making based on data. With BinarBase, customers can connect information like puzzle pieces and revolutionize the way they work with data. Users can instantly and accurately receive results from BinarBase by entering data, which leads to lower operational expenses, quicker planning, and more revenue. BinarBase’s use of AI and BI instills confidence in data-driven decisions. BinarBased was founded in 2022 and has collected over €400k in funding. 

theshopTheShop.dev: Zilina-based TheShop is a universal e-shop operator that offers a growth-friendly multistore, multidomain, multilingual, and multi-currency platform with strong integrations and support systems, helping clients across Europe build future-proof e-commerce solutions for their businesses. TheShop differentiates the user interface (frontend) from the business logic (backend) by using headless principles, opening up countless options for building the ideal tech stack for scalability. Founded in 2020, the young company has already collected over €300k in funding. 

spinboticsSpinbotics: Kosice-based Spinbotics specializes in developing robotic systems and automation technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Spinbotics’ product offerings include robotic arms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other robotic solutions tailored to specific industrial needs. The Spinbotics team is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that can enhance and optimize various industrial processes. Founded in 2020 it has loaded over €600k in total funding.

mobilyzeMobilyze.it: Bratislava-based Mobilyze utilizes big data analytics and AI to help public EV charge point operators maximize the usage of their infrastructure while optimizing their existing resources. The fast-growing company has developed machine learning models that allow them to forecast future demand in Europe and evaluate current utilization. In addition to providing predicted kWh per day, they also offer valuable quantitative data points like traffic counts, which are based on their proprietary traffic models. Founded in 2021, the startup has already collected a total of €300k in funding.

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Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli is EU-Startups’ Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part of our Startup Sourcing activities, Francesca is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the most promising startups. With a background in food technology and food innovation Francesca is a curious startup enthusiast, passionate about traveling and getting to know new ideas and products. If you’re interested in our startup sourcing service, reach out to [email protected].

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