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March’s funding wrap-up! The top 10 rounds and the top rounds by female-led startups

As spring starts to take hold and the sun shines a little brighter, let’s take a look at what happened in terms of funding across Europe in March.

We found that during March, European startups secured a collective total of $1.4 billion.

Here, we put a spotlight on the biggest and most eye-catching fundraises this month. First, take a look at 10 of the biggest VC-backed rounds (for startups founded post-2012) before turning the spotlight on the biggest funding rounds for female-led startups:

10 biggest funding rounds

Abound logoLondon-based Abound, founded in 2020, secured €570 million to specialize in offering personal loans that are affordable, flexible, and ethical, to promote borrowers’ long-term financial well-being. 

Amarenco GroupCork-based Amarenco, founded in 2013, raised €300 million to focus on Solar PV energy. The company has a highly experienced executive team with a strong background in energy and renewable infrastructure.

NetomniaLondon-based Netomnia, founded in 2019, loaded €262 million for its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband service dedicated to connecting homes and businesses. 

Isar AerospaceMunich-based Isar Aerospace, founded in 2018, secured €152.4 million to provide access to space for small and medium satellites, enabling global satellite constellations.

TradeBridgeLondon-based TradeBridge, founded in 2013, bagged €114 million to provide working capital solutions for entrepreneurial and growing businesses. 


Noema PharmaBasel-based Noema Pharma, founded in 2019, secured €104.2 million to create treatments aimed at alleviating debilitating symptoms associated with brain and nervous system disorders.  

IntegrityNextMunich-based IntegrityNext, founded in 2016, raised €100 million to enable businesses to oversee the environmental, social, and corporate governance practices of their suppliers in order to comply with legal requirements.

CabifyMadrid-based Cabify, founded in 2011, closed over €101 million to fuel future growth and hit the accelerator on sustainability strategy focusing on providing individual and corporate transportation options.

LedgerParis-based Ledger, founded in 2014, landed €100 million to develop security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain applications for individuals and companies, by leveraging a distinctive, proprietary technology.

Girasole EnergiesBoulogne-Billancourt-based Girasole Energies, founded in 2023, grabbed €96 million to generate low-carbon and cost-effective electricity through the production of photovoltaic energy, and also manages the operation of photovoltaic power stations.

Biggest funding rounds for female-led companies 

Abound logoMichelle He, the co-founder of the London-based Abound and her team, secured €570 million to specialize in offering personal loans that are affordable, flexible, and ethical, to promote borrowers’ long-term financial well-being.

LunaphoreDéborah Heintze, the co-founder of the Lausanne-based Lunaphore and her team, bagged €30.4 million to provide a chip technology-based solution that extracts spatial proteomic and transcriptome data from tumours and tissues, allowing any assay to be transformed into multiplex spatial biology with a user-friendly interface. The round was led by: Ernst Gohner Stiftung.

ZEWAYStephanie Gosset, the co-founder of the Paris-based ZEWAY and her team, bagged €26 million to develop a mobility solution aimed at facilitating people’s transition to using electric scooters for their transportation needs. The round was led by: Allianz France, Demeter, NCI.  

inmemoriClémentine Piazza, the founder of the Paris-based inmemori and her team, raised €20 million for its digital service that brings families and friends together to remember loved ones on a centralized platform, facilitating easy communication and respectful payments of condolences.

mbiomics GmbH | LinkedInLaura Figulla, the co-founder of the Munich-based mbiomics and her team, landed €13 million to enhance people’s quality of life by offering a novel approach to comprehensively understand the microbiome, providing insights for targeted therapies and promoting healthy lifestyles. The round was led by: MIG Capital.

Edurino | We are hiring!Franziska Meyer and Irene Klemm, founders of the Munich-based Edurino and their team, loaded €10.5 million for its e-learning platform that introduces digital learning in a responsible and fun way for children aged 4-8+, fostering a love for learning through technology. The round was led by: DN Capital.

PicloAlice Tyler, co-founder of the London-based Piclo and her team, landed  €8.45 million to develop software aimed at making electricity grids smart, flexible, and sustainable, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable energy future. The round was led by: Clean Growth Fund, Future Energy Ventures.

UnitarySasha Haco, co-founder of the Cambridge-based Unitary and her team, raised €7.7 million to create context-aware AI and multimodal machine learning techniques to analyze content within its context, enabling more accurate and insightful results. 

ChromologicsGerit Tolborg, co-founder of the Soborg-based Chromologics and her team, scored €7.1 million to meet the demand for new natural food colourants by developing sustainable and cost-effective fungal fermentation solutions for producing natural pigments. The round was led by: Blue Horizon Corporation, Nordic Foodtech VC, Novo Holdings and Vaekstfonden.

ScrumblesAneisha Soobroyen, co-founder of the London-based Scrumbles and her team, raised €8.8 million for its online store that manufactures and delivers daily food and nutritional products for in-home pets, providing pet owners with a convenient and reliable source of pet food and nutritional supplies. The round was led by: Business Growth Fund.

Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli is EU-Startups’ Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part of our Startup Sourcing activities, Francesca is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the most promising startups. With a background in food technology and food innovation Francesca is a curious startup enthusiast, passionate about traveling and getting to know new ideas and products. If you’re interested in our startup sourcing service, reach out to [email protected].

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