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Krakow-based REAKTO secures €1 million to launch its drone security solution to the market

Polish startup REAKTO is on a mission to make rapid response security a closer reality. Based in Krakow, the company has secured €1.03 million to bring its product to the market. 

REAKTO, a company building drone infrastructure, has developed a rapid response drone network, aiming to give security agencies and individuals a more powerful security solution.

Based in Krakow, the startup offers patrol and intervention flights using unmanned aerial vehicles, leveraging a proprietary Anything as a Service model. Today, REAKTO have secured €1.03 million in a new investment round. Strategic investor AMM Global from Lodz got involved, alongside 24 different private investors.

Wojciech Stawiarski, CEO REAKTO: “Our focus now is to bring the service to our eager customers as quickly as possible, and we have a strong pipeline of interested clients awaiting our commercialization. Alongside our new investor, we are excited to explore plans for a REAKTO capital group, including the establishment of a new company dedicated to dual-use technology implementations.”

The Rapid Response Drone Network is a drone-based property protection service designed to cater to the requirements of private, industrial, and critical infrastructure facilities. As both the manufacturer and operator of this solution, REAKTO’s fleet of drones is accompanied by a network of docking stations

The Polish company collaborates with different players in the security industry to customize the service to adapt to the constantly evolving demands of the modern world and meet the expectations of its clients.

After conducting an in-depth pilot programme, which included consultations and analysis with security industry partners such as Seris Konsalnet, Taurus Ochrona, Capital Security, VIP Security System, and Sezam Ochrona, the company is now ready to scale.

Wojciech Stawiarski, CEO REAKTO: “The primary objective of the pilot program was to verify the operational and technical parameters of the Rapid Response service, particularly for security industry decision-makers. It was crucial for us to ensure that our partners comprehensively understand our capabilities, limitations, and future plans before integrating our service with their offerings.”

The funds will accelerate the development and deployment of the company’s proprietary drone and docking station technology, paving the way for nationwide commercial operations by the end of the year.

Artur Urbańczyk, CEO AMM Global: “I am very pleased that REAKTO has joined AMM Global’s investment portfolio, and I look forward to working with its management team. The technologies and services developed by the company hold tremendous potential, and I am convinced that the REAKTO team is capable of delivering unique and effective solutions that will enhance the availability of drone services across various sectors. The Rapid Response Drone Network developed by REAKTO will undoubtedly contribute significantly to improving the security of both private and public facilities.”

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