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Zurich-based Simulands secures a €10 million boost to improve medical training

Zurich-based Simulands has secured €10 million as it aims to improve patient outcomes through simulation-based medical training. The startup will now accelerate the commercialisation of its product. 

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Doing something over and over again can help improve how an activity is performed – creating more confidence and efficiency. It’s a common approach to training in many sectors, and now, it’s being enhanced in the medical sphere.

Zurich-based Simulands is on a mission to improve how cardiologists and
echocardiographers train for complex interventional procedures, ultimately making them less risky. According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of premature death in Europe. Cardiac surgery is part of everyday life for cardiologists, but the opportunities to practice the procedures are limited – and a more efficient way to train is needed. Aiming to provide this, the Swiss startup has just secured €10 million from SHS.

Andrea Guidotti, CEO of Simulands: “Technological and scientific innovations are advancing the practice of medicine and augmenting physicians’ capabilities. We should rethink medical education, offering physicians new tools and approaches for continued learning and on-demand training, tailored to physician’s needs and focused on their roles and required skills.”

Based in Zurich, Simulands has developed a human-grade simulator that is medical-grade and ISO-compliant. It can be used to minimize training and research directly on patients and animals in the cardiovascular field, making medical training more ethical and procedures ultimately less risky.

The startup’s solution offers procedure experience that provides real haptic responses, actual procedural imaging guidance, true understanding of device performance, catering to a wide range of experience and knowledge levels. The company offers solutions for improving operators’ skills by creating a safe training environment, contributing to physicians’ competence and confidence.

The simulators are created with additive manufacturing techniques that realistically replicate pathological anatomy and allow training with real devices for cardiovascular minimally invasive treatments.

Founded in 2019, the startup has been growing rapidly, already establishing a strong reputation for its medical simulation training tools. it now counts clients such as Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT), Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE : EW), Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX).

Andrea Guidotti: “Partnering with SHS is an invaluable opportunity for Simulands to accelerate its entry to key global markets expanding support to its customers base. SHS’ expertise and proven track record of excellence in the healthcare sector will further consolidate our growth and accelerate the progress towards our long-term vision.” 

This new investment will be used to push forward the commercialisation of the company and grow the vision of revolutionising e cardiovascular education and training.

SHS partner Dr. Cornelius Maas: “With the investment into Simulands AG, we are pleased to make our first investment from our newly launched sixth fund generation. It is very important to us to support the company in its efforts to optimise cardiological interventions for both – doctors and patients. With our investment, we specifically want to drive the expansion of the product portfolio as well as the international expansion. For our new fund, we seek for further innovative, fast-growing healthcare companies that can make a real difference in healthcare.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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