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Warsaw-based Epinote lands €1.4 million to maximise workplace efficiency

Polish startup Epinote is aiming to shake up the workforce, blending tech and on-demand staffing to make it more efficient. The Warsaw-based company has now secured €1.4 million to scale. 

In times of economic uncertainty, every second and every penny counts. For startups especially, becoming as resource-savvy and efficient as possible is crucial to stay alive, and stay profitable. In these times of resource optimisation, automation is being looked to as a solution, a way to keep overheads low. However, it needs to be considered in tandem with a skilled workforce – people power is still integral to business success and often companies are overspending on SaaS tools which aren’t tailored to unique company needs and require regular human oversight.

Simply put, massive amounts of work are still handled by manual processes and spreadsheets. The traditional solution is to outsource this work, but, this doesn’t fit the modern needs of innovative companies, where tasks require lengthy implementation, involving labour-intensive training, integration, and onboarding.

Epinote proposes a solution which blends on-demand workforces and plug-and-play tech. the startup, founded by Mateusz Wikło and Kacper Raszkiewicz, has just secured €1.4 million to further develop the product. The funding was led by Movens Capital, Kogito Ventures and Next Road Ventures with the participation of Corvus Ventures, and business angels, including founders of DocPlanner and Packhelp. 

Mateusz Wikło, CEO & Co-Founder of Epinote: “With the falling valuations, shift towards profitability, and lack of skilled employees, companies struggle with filling tasks that are necessary, but mundane and repetitive. Traditional solutions, like hiring a classic BPO or a pack of summer interns, seem expensive and ineffective. On the other hand, AI is still just a tool that requires human oversight. Epinote offers the best of both worlds. We use software to increase our productivity and provide an easily deployable team of Associates, who can actually help and bring value and we have already proven this model works. With the support of our investors we can offer even higher efficiency and serve even more companies across the globe.”

Born in 2019, Epinote helps companies boost in-house operations and save time for essential work, by providing a plug & play workforce that can be deployed directly into company workflows. This takes over those mundane and repetitive tasks that cannot be automated, previously performed by in-house employees. The work is supported by process engineering ensuring efficiency and quality, and technology for project tracking, automation, and integration with clients’ own software. 

Tasks that Epinote is already performing for their clients include, among other things, data annotation and enrichment for analytics and AI development, lead generation and validation, CRM management, customer acquisition, market research, analysis and monitoring, as well as support for internal processes, including document management.

Artur Banach, Partner at Movens Capital: “For a long time we have been looking for a platform that, on the one hand, responds to the new challenges that companies around the world are facing, for example, with the development of AI, and on the other hand, addresses the changes in the approach to work. In our opinion, Epinote perfectly combines these two perspectives, while the quality of the team and the very rapid growth in sales confirm that the company can become a leader in its category.”

The Warsaw-based company has already picked up over 50 clients from three continents, including BCG, Brainly, InPost Fresh, and Packhelp.

Wojtek Sadowski, CEO & Co-Founder of Packhelp: “Epinote is the perfect extension of an in-house team. In a matter of days you can deploy a complicated data collection project that would usually take weeks. The company is also great at dealing with repeating and mundane administrative tasks that are pain points for every organisation. We’ve been using their offering at Packhelp from the very start and I’m impressed how many use cases there are. I believe Epinote will help many companies in becoming an effective, data-driven organisation.”

To start using Epinote, the client only needs a project brief and a clear set of deliverables. Epinote then handles the entire project management and delivery by the indicated deadline. The company deploys a team of associates with requisite skills and ensures the quality of the result with a multi-step QA and a constant feedback loop.

With this new funding, the SaaS team plans to develop the digital platform to further improve the efficiency of its associates and offer clients an automated system for task ordering and project management. It’ll also support the onboarding of new clients. 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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