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Scale with SkilledCreatives’ remote hiring solutions (Sponsored)

Based in Singapore, SkilledCreatives makes it easy for businesses to find remote staff. Launched in 2021, the firm provides comprehensive recruitment and employment services to hire the best remote candidates for marketing, PR, and all other creative positions. We take a look.

Since the days of the pandemic, the way we work has fundamentally changed. Working remotely is no longer a trend or a passing craze, but rather a standard, commonly expected practice. The advantages of remote working have become widely known; cost-savings, greater flexibility, less-stressed employees and higher productivity.

When a company chooses to go remote, one clear benefit is that its workforce becomes highly scalable. The office no longer limits itself to the city or country of its main location. A graphic designer based in Manila becomes just as valuable as a professional with the same skill set living in Berlin.

For many internationally-minded companies, the Asian market is an attractive, cheaper option. There’s also lots of talent there, full of qualified professionals and freelancers.

SkilledCreatives is a company based in Singapore that specializes in looking for the best candidates for jobs related to marketing, PR, and creatives. Whether you’re looking for a video editor, SEO manager, illustrator, or copywriter, expect them to do the intensive “talent hunting” for you.

The company prides itself on having access to the best candidates in the market. They do the headhunting, initial screening, background checks and shortlisting of applicants. They make sure that the talent is a good fit for the company. The final task of selecting the right person for the job remains in the hands of the client.

Managing Director Martin Baulig: “As a company, SkilledCreatives was formed only in 2021 but the management team has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We are highly networked in this field.”

As a German citizen who has been based in the Philippines for close to 10 years now, Baulig can vouch for the quality and availability of top talents in his adoptive country.

“Filipinos are very Westernized and they stand out for being highly proficient in the English language. They also have a reputation for having a good work ethic.”

Martin Baulig: “SkilledCreatives exists to help solve the problem of companies in Europe which are experiencing manpower shortage or having a hard time looking for qualified people. We can match them with job candidates from the Philippines at a fraction of the cost.”

With SkilledCreatives, the client company retains autonomy over the job hire in the area of performance functions. SkilledCreatives just receives a fixed monthly fee for managing the employee’s affairs such as drafting the employment contract, paying the salary, and taking care of employee benefits.

In other words, SkilledCreatives handles the nitty-gritty of recruitment and HR so that clients can focus on their core business.

If a company does not scale up because they lack qualified people to do the job, then that’s income and opportunity lost”

Martin highlights the story of a UK-based client, who has been able to accept more customers just because they decided to hire remote staff provided by SkilledCreatives.

“It’s really about having access to talent. If you’re a start-up company, you can’t scale if you don’t hire. You have to make the decision, even if it means hiring somebody from across the globe. With technology and tools, distance doesn’t really matter much these days.” 

Check out how SkilledCreatives can help boost your international strategy here, or, by contacting Martin at 

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