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Finnish startup Inven secures €1.5 million to shake up M&A processes

Bringing cutting-edge AI to the world of M&A, Finnish startup Inven has just secured €1.5 million. Built by a founding team aged under 25, the startup now plans to scale. 

The financial industry is a fast-paced space, and being ahead of the curve makes all the difference – especially when it comes to the cut-that world of M&A. TIme is of the essence when it comes to this market, but it is still a space that relies upon time-intensive manual research and analysis.

Finnish startup Inven wants to disrupt the status quo by leveraging the power of modern AI and NLP models. The startup has just secured €1.5 million in seed funding, marking the largest-ever seed round raised by a team of founders all under 25 in Finland.

The funding was led by Lifeline Ventures.

Tommi Kupiainen: “We’re on a mission to offer the most intelligent and intuitive tool to find and analyze companies. We’re excited about the impact our software can have on the M&A industry, and we’re grateful for the support of our investors and customers.”

Founded in 2022, Inven leverages AI and NLP tech to streamline the tedious and time-consuming tasks faced by M&A professionals, freeing them up to focus on more critical work.

It was built by three young entrepreneurs, Ekku Jokinen, Niilo Pirttijärvi, and Tommi Kupiainen, who all experienced firsthand the problems of these time-consuming analysis tasks. Tasked with the mission to solve this, and disrupt the market, the trio created software that can analyze millions of websites and structure unstructured business data, making it accessible to M&A professionals with a few clicks.

Jukka Heikka, Partner at Joint Effects: “Inven’s AI-powered market research tool is a game changer for the $25B+ global M&A Advisory industry. By offering a nimble and efficient solution to the real problem of manual research, Inven is poised to save investment bankers, consultants, and analysts countless hours, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly changing M&A landscape.

Inven will use the funding to build its team and take customer acquisition to the next level. The company has already launched the first version of its software and is actively developing it with its customers.

Petteri Koponen, ​Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures: “We’re excited to support Inven as they are realizing their vision of the financial industry’s future. Their unique approach and ambitious team have positioned them well for success, and we are confident in their ability to make an impact.”

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