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Copenhagen-based CAPSULE bags €600k for its next-generation wardrobe app

The CAPSULE app is on a mission to put an end to everyday wardrobe issues and clothing crises. The startup, founded in Copenhagen, has just secured €600k as it quickly picks up public adoption.

When it comes to fashion, the importance of influencer marketing and social media can’t be overstated. Everyday clothing decisions and purchases are generally made based on outside inspiration and influence. At the same time, many people around the world experience the same challenge every single day – the so-called clothing crisis.

Based in Copenhagen, CAPSULE aims to tap into this influencer-based trend in the clothing market to address everyday wardrobe woes. The startup, founded by Louise Linde, Nadia Wabra, and Emilie Seegert in December 2021, makes it easy to get inspired, create outfits and buy products – all from one place.

Emilie Seegert: “At CAPSULE, we strive to build a worldwide community of fashion enthusiasts. We believe that CAPSULE will contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry by reducing passive clothing and renew women’s love for their wardrobe.”

Louise Linde: “We have often talked about the fact that if the “clothing crisis” were a primary male issue, then it would have been solved a long time ago. There are a lot of reasons why we think that, but the main reason is that the majority of entrepreneurs and investors are men, which makes it hard to solve female problems as they are often neglected.”

The fashion tech team has secured €600k in a seed round backed by UNICO CAPITAL, Martin Lykke Suhr, and The Aventures.

Tine Hjortekær-Jensen from UNICO Capital: “ I had no doubt that the GenZ generation would commit to this new app-based fashion universe and take it viral. With any other start-up, the success will come down to the individuals, so when I met the 3 founders, who all blew my mind with their level of energy and passion, I knew UNICO Capital had to join CAPSULE on their journey.”

CAPSULE defines itself as a creative wardrobe tool and wardrobe community. Via the app, users get an overview of their whole closet and can swipe through their clothes to create outfits – without the stress of having to physically try different combinations on. Users can also see each other’s wardrobes discover where items are from and get inspired. It also facilitates clothes borrowing and swapping.

Two months after launch, the app counts thousand of users from more than 118 countries and has seen more than 135k pieces of clothing uploaded to the app. The company reports growth of at least 1000 users per week.

This new investment will be used to develop the app further, implement new revenue streams and expand the international community.

Patrick Theander from the VC fund The Aventures: “Investing in a female-founded startup is not just about supporting gender diversity, it’s about investing in a smart product with a promising future. We have full trust in the founding team and we are excited to see them thrive in new markets.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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