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Stage2 to support 10 industrial tech startups with its accelerator programme. Apply now! (Sponsored)

Stage2, dedicated to startups in the industrial tech space, has launched a new call for applications to its accelerator programme. The accelerator aims to close the gap between funding and access to support for startups hardware-based. Apply here today. 

Industrial tech, including sectors such as mobility, robotics, automation, medtech, food and agritech, are some of the key areas shaping the future of our society – and startups are leading the way. Although in recent years many avenues of funding and support have opened up for software-based projects, there has been a clear gap between the support received by these types of projects and physical product startups. It’s something Stage2, a Barcelona-based accelerator, wants to change. 

Stage2, launched in 2022, is an accelerator helping European ventures from the industrial tech sectors to move onto the phases of industrialization while helping them to validate the market, get a funding and internationalization strategy and a balanced team. This year, it has extended the programme to offer 10 places.

Oriol Pascual, the co-founder and CEO of Stage2: “We were very pleased with the results of our first, pilot edition. We are even more proud that today, less than a year after the launch of Stage2, we can launch a second call and expand our acceleration program.”

Stage2 Accelerator

Stage2 Accelerator supports startups in the pre-production phase through sweat equity. This year, it’ll host 10 startups – a significant increase from last year when it only accepted 4 ventures. 

In this second edition, priority will be given to projects creating hardware and proprietary tech in the following sectors, among others:

  • Mobility
  • Robotics and Automation
  • EnergyTech
  • FoodTech
  • AgriTech
  • CleanTech

How it works

The accelerator is on a mission to close the gap between funding and genuine support that many startups in this space face. It plans to foster sustainable growth of industrial startups in need of resources and guidance so that they can move through the phases of industrialization, market validation, team operations and growth.

Oriol Pascual: “We believe this is long overdue and much needed for the future of Europe and we hope that projects like ours close the existing gap between financing and the needs of promising new ventures.”

The programme offers a 6-month support programme which takes place online and in La Verneda, Barcelona. Here, the accelerator has a warehouse within the industrial workshop of TMDC, one of its strategic partners. This gives participants the chance to access the machinery and equipment they need to manufacture prototypes and other industrial pieces. 

Oriol Pascual: “Our mission is to help Barcelona recover its long-standing position as a European industrial hub and become a centre of innovation and cutting-edge projects in Europe.”

The process

Running from May to November, the programme focuses on:

  • Product industrialization
  • Market validation
  • Team and operations
  • Growth and funding strategy

Members of the 10 selected startups will participate in training sessions, workshops, industry events and mentoring meetings with innovation managers from large and established companies. In addition, this year, team members will also have access to coaching sessions which seek to provide the necessary technical support as well as the more managerial, leadership and human aspect of the projects. 

Applications are open here until February 26th. 

Selected participants will be announced on April 11th. In 2022, more than 81 applications were received from across the world  – so make sure you’re one of them this year!

2022 Cohort: 

In its inaugural edition, the accelerator got international attention. The four participants were:

  • Time is Brain: A medtech startup behind a medical device that tracks rain activity once there are symptoms of a stroke in order to assess the most appropriate treatment.
  • Loop DX:  A startup developing a medical diagnostic device that allows rapid identification of sepsis (blood infection).
  • Niche Mobility: A CleanTech startup that has created an electric motor for bicycles with automatic gear change and regenerative braking.
  • Metrica6: A startup developing an IoT device for efficient water management, both in housing and industrial environments.

This year, the programme will take on 10 startups, with a view to increasing to 35 by 2025. Stage2 is also working on the creation of a fund of €25 million to provide financial support to startups alongside this support system. The fund is expected to be launched in 2024. 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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