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UK-based CareLineLive secures over €3 million to improve home care amidst growing staffing pressure on healthcare systems

SaaS startup CareLineLive is on a mission to provide better home care management software for home care providers, and by doing so, improve the care received. The UK-based startup has just secured over €3 million and is now planning its international growth.

Healthcare systems are under increasing pressure. Hit by a staffing shortage and dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, there are a number of challenges hitting the space. As a result, technology and digital tools are increasingly being seen as the most viable way to make healthcare provision more efficient – for both patients and caregivers. In the UK, the situation is particularly exacerbated and the UK government has just had to announce extra funding for the NHS to secure short-term care placements to relieve pressure and free up beds.

CareLineLive, a UK-based startup has been working to make home care better since 2014. It was founded by Josh Hough after his frustrating experience dealing with home care providers while his grandfather needed care. The company has now just raised new funding as it innovates the home care sector in the UK and internationally. 

Over €3 million (£3 million) was raised in an investment round led by Oakglen. 

Josh Hough, CareLineLive co-founder and MD: “The home care sector is currently facing many challenges, from staff shortages to a lack of funding, often making it hard to deliver quality care for clients. To combat this, our mission is to streamline paper-based and other legacy processes, improve carer communication and ultimately give them back more time to do what they love best: caring.” 

CareLineLive offers an all-in-one purpose-built home care management system for agency owners and managers. It aims to give agency owners and managers an innovative, easy-to-use, cloud-based tool that leads to increased efficiency, capacity and compliance through digitizing workflows, automating procedures, increasing revenue opportunities and decreasing overheads.

The overarching aim is to make care work more efficient so that more time can be spent by care providers with those who are in need of care. 

CareLineLive has been working with NHS Trusts – such as Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (MSE) – since June 2020 on a service that bridges the gap between being medically ready to leave the hospital and their social care provider providing care, which reduces hospital delays and reduces readmissions. 

This investment will be used to increase CareLineLive’s engagement with the NHS, local authorities, and other enterprise customers. With operations currently in the UK, Jersey, Ireland and Australia, the investment will also help CareLineLive to fuel further growth in the UK and internationally. 

Josh Hough: “This investment will allow us to increase our sales and marketing activities and help us to continue to develop our product offering to meet the needs of carers, agencies, those receiving care, and their families. We’ll also continue our investment into delivering exceptional customer service, which is a key market differentiator for CareLineLive.”

Nick Crawford, Group Co-CEO at Oakglen, added: “We are pleased to have made this investment in CareLineLive, and look forward to working closely with Josh and his team to support them in realising the significant potential of the business. CareLineLive has established itself well in a large and growing market, which we think will benefit from demographic tailwinds over the coming years. We believe that the strength of the product, the focus on customer service, and the domain expertise of the management team provides a great foundation for growth. We’re excited to see what Josh and the team will achieve in 2023 and beyond.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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