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EU-Startups Podcast | Episode 32: Goodiebox Founder and CEO Rasmus Schmiegelow!

In this episode, we catch up with Goodiebox Founder and CEO Rasmus Schmiegelow.

Copenhagen-based Goodiebox has been shaking up the e-commerce space since 2012 with its pioneering subscription-based product. Each month, subscribers to Goodiebox get to enjoy a personalized gift box, full of tailored beauty and wellness products, samples and informative content. The startup has also developed its own range of cosmetics and skincare products under the name Comme Deux, and member benefits also include access to access to happiness and wellbeing-centred activities like yoga and meditation.

Alongside its pioneering e-commerce offering, the company has been leading the way in terms of sustainability. It’s even invested in its own Goodiebox forest in order to achieve carbon-negative status by 2025.

In 2022, Goodiebox expanded into Poland, France, Spain and Italy, thereby increasing its presence to 13 countries across Europe. The company also pushed forward with its inspiring initiatives: Female Founders and Happy Earth. In this episode, Rasmus shared insights about these programmes, Goodiebox’s cautiously optimistic growth strategy, and the vision of Goodiebox to create feel-good moments that leave a good impact. Tune in now!

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Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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