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Hamburg-based secjur scores €5.5 million for its AI-based compliance automation platform

Data security startup secjur has just raised funding after bootstrapping to market launch, with backing from names like Visionaries Club and Mario Götze. The Hamburg-based startup is on a mission to revolutionise the compliance process, making it simpler with automation. 

The importance of data protection and compliance is growing rapidly in our increasingly digitalised and data-driven world. As compliance becomes more embedded in everyday processes, it’s also becoming more complex to navigate with new challenges arising surrounding security, regulation, data protection, information security, anti-money laundering and whistleblowing.

Hamburg-based secjur aims to make it simpler, having developed a “Digital Compliance Office” – an AI-based compliance automation platform. After bootstrapping to market launch, the startup has now scored investment. 

The details:

  • €5.5 million raised in this seed round
  • Funding was led by Visionaries Club accompanied by Mario Götze, Nico Rosberg and other business angels
  • Cocoa Ventures, SB21, Estelle Merle & Charlotte Pallua (co-founders Topi), Ignaz Forstmeier (co-founder & ex-CMO Personio) and other renowned business angels also participated

SHaping compliance process automation

Founded in 2018, secjur offers an AI-based compliance automation platform. The startup’s tech automates processes in the Digital Compliance Office that are related to fields such as data protection, information security, anti-money laundering and whistleblowing. 

Using the platform, companies can solve compliance challenges rapidly, and easily navigate this complex space. 

Co-Founder Niklas Hanitsch: “Compliance is as versatile as it is complex. Not only data protection requirements are becoming more and more extensive, but compliance in all kinds of areas. For example, many companies are required to implement an information security management system. In the coming years, many other compliance challenges will add to this, such as AI regulation. Regulation can help in protecting consumer rights and make both the digital and the real world a better place. Nevertheless, implementing compliance is very demanding and poses major challenges for companies. That’s where we jump in and support with our smart solution. ” 

Secjur plans to become the world’s leading provider in the relatively new sector of compliance automation and has already gained significant traction with partnerships established with the likes of Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Yunex Traffic, 1KOMMA5°, MediaMarkt Saturn, Pantaflix, Klitschko Ventures and Tomorrow Bank. 

Robert Lacher, Visionaries Club: “Sadly, compliance has become a massive pain for businesses of all sizes since its management is manual, repetitive and expensive. secjur solves this by automating compliance for businesses of all sizes and allows them to manage it within one software. In the future, they will be part of every company’s IT stack.”

Led by Niklas Hanitsch, Manuel Stahl, Simon Pentzien and Sven Moritz, the team has quickly grown to almost fifty employees. In addition, secjur and its Digital Compliance Office won first place in the German Startup Cup in the cybersecurity category. 

This new funding will be used to further develop the platform as well as fuel expansion within the DACH region and other markets.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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