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CEEZER and Milkywire partner up to push corporates towards carbon neutrality

As the green transition continues to pick up pace and influence business and society alike, corporations are now finding themselves going carbon neutral. Berlin-based CEEZER and Stockholm’s Milkywire are partnering up to improve access to climate projects, helping corporates make tangible climate action. 

Reaching carbon neutrality is now a crucial part of business roadmaps, strategies and processes. Compliance targets coupled with societal pressure is pushing businesses and organizations to minimize or offset carbon emissions, with the aim of bringing Europe to a position of net zero. It’s a business process that is fairly new, and fairly daunting, but it’s absolutely vital. The message was recently reinforced by the IPCC and the science-based target initiative (SBTI), a framework for companies to set globally aligned climate targets.

To help make this a reality the need for more reliable negative emission technologies and strategies is more critical than ever. 

So far, most corporations have dabbled in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) to accelerate decarbonization outside their supply chain. The voluntary carbon market allows trading external reductions and removals of CO2 equivalents, e.g., from forest restoration or technical removal like direct air capture. However, a lack of trust in the market and continuous quality issues have made it difficult to make the right investment decisions – and it’s becoming a sector more associated with greenwashing than green action.  

Today, there is some positive news though, as Berlin-based CEEZER and Stockholm-based Milkywire team up to enable corporations to contribute directly to The Climate Transformation Fund. The aim is to give corporates the ability to directly make the find part of their existing emission reduction portfolio, which is a fundamental step to foster climate action beyond traditional offset credits. 

Collaborative efforts, where companies actively help and support each other to reach targets and climate ambitions are proving to be some of the most exciting and fruitful initiatives – and this new partnership certainly looks promising.

Robert Höglund, climate advisor and manager of the Climate Transformation Fund: “Pioneering companies should take an impact-first approach and look at how they best can help reaching global net zero with their climate contributions rather than just compensating for their own emissions. With the fund we open a simple possibility for this.” 

Climate Transformation Fund

Founded in 2018, Milkywire is a tech platform on a mission to provide companies adn private donors with trusted environmental organisations in need of funds. Through digital tools and a feedback model, the Swedish startup is helping find a spectrum of climate-positive initiatives, from in-the-field nature restoration and species preservation to cutting-edge carbon removal research. 

In 2021, the startup launched the Climate Transformation Fund (CTF) as a charitable fund supporting projects that make net zero a reality. The ambition is to achieve the greatest long-term impact possible through an impact-first approach across a wide scope of projects, from early, high-cost carbon removal projects, research initiatives, and advocacy and policy projects down to grassroots organizations.

Swedish payment leader Klarna partnered with Milkywire being the first company to support the CTF, using funds generated from an internal carbon fee. However, setting up such a fund has proven hard to replicate for other corporates due to the high capacity and knowledge requirements. 

This is where the partnership with CEEZER comes in. 

CEEZER: Transparent access to the carbon market

Founded in 2021, CEEZER’s platform provides organizations with access to and support for the complex voluntary carbon market. Companies can use the tool to partner with high-quality carbon projects guided by data. the aim is to make it simple for organizations to access the carbon market. 

The Berlin-based startup picked up €4.2 million in September this year and this new partnership will help further the company’s vision of a more efficient, more impactful carbon market for corporate players. 

Frida Helldén, partnership manager at Milkywire: “We are excited to open another avenue for companies to contribute to the Climate Transformation Fund – fostering holistic climate action beyond credits. Ceezer is a perfect combination of data-driven planning and ease of use.”

The partnership

With this collaboration, corporate players can now seamlessly contribute to the Climate Transformation Fund much like they would invest in traditional avoidance and removal credits, right from the CEEZER portfolio planner. 

This opens up an entirely new category of climate mitigation finance to corporate buyers on the platform and fundamentally facilitates holistic tracking and reporting of climate impact. Milkywire and CEEZER will work with new and existing customers to incorporate contributions into long-term mitigation portfolios of corporates – as a key contribution mechanism to corporate climate change mitigation.

Magnus Drewelies, CEO of CEEZER: “We are excited to partner with Milkywire – a true pioneer in corporate climate action. Long-term climate mitigation portfolios will require holistic contribution models like the Climate Transformation Fund in addition to classical avoidance and removal credits. Making it even easier for organizations to contribute is key to our mission.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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