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Top 50: Europe’s hottest B2B SaaS startups in 2022 (Premium Report)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a close look at over 1,200 European early-stage startups that are working on innovative B2B SaaS solutions and platforms. During our sourcing and reviewing process, we exclusively focused on SaaS startups which were founded between 2019 and 2022. Today, we’re introducing you to 50 of the most promising B2B SaaS startups from across Europe.

B2B SaaS is a growing vertical, with innovative tools, platforms and solutions that help companies operate more efficiently in different areas and aspects of their business. In our digitally-driven world, choosing the right software is more important than ever and it’s a market area full of fresh thinking and exciting tech innovation.

The B2B SaaS space encompasses cloud-based software used for everyday business tasks and processes, such as productivity, customer relationship management, HR, financial operations and so forth. It’s a market that is growing rapidly and in 2021 alone 27 SaaS startups went public, representing a market capitalization of about €225 billion. Europe is currently home to about 81 SaaS unicorns, the likes of Personio and Veriff being some of the most recent and most popular ones.

In order to track down the European B2B SaaS startups that are most promising at the moment, we analyzed over 1,200 startups, followed a rigorous scoring system, and selected 50 that we believe are the hottest early-stage B2B SaaS startups to watch in 2022 and beyond.

For each startup, we looked at metrics such as the employee count and funding info, as well as signals like social media followings, website traffic, the founding team, and the degree of innovation.

The result is this premium report, featuring 50 of Europe’s most promising B2B SaaS startups, all founded between 2019 and 2022. You can purchase and download it here.

In case your curiosity can’t wait, here are 5 startups (in no particular order) that are featured in our report. In order to get the fully comprehensive list, make sure to download the report here.

WorkMotion: Founded in Berlin in 2020, WorkMotion is a global HR platform that is enhancing how companies onboard and recruit new team members internationally. As the world of work is becoming even more global and remote, HR teams are finding themselves in need of a tool to streamline processes – and this is what WorkMotion aims to provide. The startup has already raised over €77 million and has a growing team.

Pigment: Founded in Paris in 2019, Pigment offers a business forecasting platform that helps companies make better, faster decisions and subsequently drive revenue growth. The platform takes in data from a range of sources, analyzes it and then presents it in an intuitive dashboard. Users can play with scenario forecasting through charts, simulations and continuous modelling. So far, the French startup has raised over €100 million as businesses crave this instantaneous data insight capability.

Unique: Based in Zurich, Unique leverages AI to record and analyze sales conversations in over 12 languages. It gives real-time insights and tips to sales teams, improving their decision-making processes and helping them to close more deals. Conversational AI is a growing tech vertical and its application for businesses is set to soar over the coming years. Founded in 2021, Unique has already raised about €12.5 million.

Emitwise: Based in London, Emitwise sits at the intersection of SaaS and greentech. The AI-powered carbon management platform helps businesses to better track and manage their carbon footprint, empowering companies to become carbon-free and respond to the climate emergency. It gives decision-makers both the insights and tools they need to drive emissions cuts across operations and supply chains. Launched in 2019, the startup has raised about €17 million.

Haddock: Barcelona-based Haddock is helping restaurant managers to optimize their business processes. The startup offers a complete overview of business operations at a  glance, giving the insights needed to control costs and optimize strategies. It can also digitize invoices and delivery notes, give real-time updates and streamline communications. Founded in 2020, the Haddock team has raised about €1.2 million in funding and is growing fast.

Alongside highlighting 50 of Europe’s hottest B2B SaaS startups, the report also identifies some of the main trends in the sector and the main hubs that are nurturing innovation in this space.

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