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Paris-based Surfe raises €4 million to build connected workspace for revenue teams as it rebrands from Leadjet

Surfe, previously known as Leadjet, has scored €4 million as it expands its product offering to offer a fully connected workspace. The Paris-based startup has picked up support from leading SaaS entrepreneurs and investors and is set to expand. 

For teams across industries, having a tool that can integrate and synchronize prospect and customer data seamlessly into CRM software, is pretty indispensable. Having such a workplace that is fully connected and all in one place is now possible thanks to Surfe. 

Formerly known as Leadjet and beginning life as a browser extension, Surfe integrates a widespread suite of sales and productivity tools to help teams find and contact leads in a faster, more efficient and informed way. It’s now picked up fresh funding to begin its new chapter and a bright future is on the horizon. 

Funding details

Securing €4 million in this seed round gives the Parisian innovators one of the largest seed rounds seen in France this year.

It includes participation from 360 Capital, Cologne-based VC fund TS Ventures, established by serial entrepreneurs Tim Schumacher (Co-founder of Adblock creators Eyeo) and Stephan Jacquemot (formerly Head of Microsoft’s EMEA Startups program). Additional funding support includes angels from major European companies Personio, and Nasdaq-listed Tenable.

Previously bootstrapped, Surfe’s product–led growth initiative has been key to its steep increase in customer acquisitions, leading to a large user presence in the US, France, Germany and the UK. Since being founded less than two years ago, the team of 22 is already generating an annual recurring revenue of over €1 million from a strong client base of 1500 companies, including the likes of Google, Uber, Spendesk, Mirakl, and Opendoor.

Henry Orth, Account Manager at Google, said: “As a company with multiple offices and departments, Surfe helps to maintain pristine data quality in the CRM to ensure that customers are being served properly, allowing us to preserve Google’s high standard of care. Surfe’s method of simplifying sales and admin work for the revenue team means that we spend less time sifting through our CRM, and more time making sure that we are functioning at our best.”

Building a fully connected workspace

Having now received this funding, Surfe is growing up from being a browser extension to a funded all-in-one solution for revenue teams. Founders David Maurice Chevalier (CEO) and Romain Ginestou (CTO) are leading the transition from Leadjet to Surfe in collaboration with creative agencies Focuslab, MILL3, and Creasenso.

The aim is to become the go-to revenue workspace by making sales, business development and prospecting easier for all customer-facing teams by connecting all key software, platforms and CRMs. 

CRMs are at the centre of most tasks for sales teams and revenue-based companies and are designed to store all contacts and leads, making activities more organized. By optimizing the process of adding contacts to CRMs to just one click, and integrating with platforms such as LinkedIn, Surfe makes sales activities more efficient and reduces the amount of time-consuming admin. 

And it’s certainly a big jump from the team’s previous use case, where it transferred contacts from LinkedIn to CRMs, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Copper. 

David Maurice Chevalier, Surfe’s Co-founder and CEO: “We’re really excited about this next step in our company’s journey. Our new brand identity helps to reflect our long-term vision of helping all customer-facing teams to be bold and achieve their goals without drowning in unnecessary admin. As surfing makes you feel as if you’re involved in a unique and exhilarating community, we want sales teams to feel the same unity and togetherness when using our platform. The support we have from our investors will allow us to expand and continue to bridge the gap between the wide array of tools that revenue teams are using.”

As Surfe continues to synchronize sales tools, platforms, websites and CRMs, revenue teams will be able to see relevant contacts and conversations from each information portal. Sales teams will be able to use Surfe to see deals associated with a client’s company website, read notes related to prospective customers when having a virtual call, and open an email thread. This will save time on admin, as well as provide teams with contextual information needed to close deals. 

Surfe will use the latest funding for team growth and product development, including adding new features that will allow customer-facing teams to synchronize contacts to their CRM from anywhere on the web.

Thomas Nivard, Investment Director at 360 Capital: “Sales and client development are at the heart of success for any customer-facing business, without which their revenue stream would dry up. Surfe is helping to remove needless manual tasks from the sales process, allowing teams worldwide to operate in a more efficient way. We’re delighted to join them and we are already impressed by the execution they’ve shown over the past few months.”

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