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Berlin-based Jomigo picks up first capital investment to build headhunting marketplace of the future

Previously bootstrapped and already picking up considerable traction in its home market of Germany, Jomigo has just secured a seven-figure investment to further scale and develop its recruitment marketplace. 

The 2022 labour market is one facing a number of challenges, to say the least. One of the big issues that companies are trying to overcome is accessing the talent they need to grow and develop. It’s an increasingly competitive talent market and recruiters are finding it tough to find the people they need with existing headhunting tools and processes. 

Not only is the market increasingly competitive, but it has fundamentally changed. With pheromones like the rise of the gig economy and increased demands over workplace balance from employees, HR teams are swiftly having to adapt. 

Founded in 2020 by three friends, Jannis Eller, Jonathan Muhr and Tobias Grieb, Jomigo is aiming to be on hand to transform the recruitment sector. Now the trio has said goodbye to the hustle of bootstrapping as they pick up their first capital investment. 

The funding

Whilst the exact figure hasn’t yet been disclosed, the berlin-based team have shared that this initial capital investment is in the seven-figure range. It’ll be used to further develop and scale up the B2B recruitment marketplace. 

One of the lead investors is Berlin-based VC IBB Ventures, bringing more than 25 years of experience in the sector. The second lead investor is Longfield Invest, led by Richard Jan Krebs who himself is on a mission to breathe fresh air into the old-fashioned recruitment space. 

Other investors include well-known figures from the HR consulting sector, such as Rainer Strack, former Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Strack is considered a globally-recognized expert on skilled talent recruitment, was co-leader of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Initiative and became a member of HR magazine’s HR Hall of Fame last year. Seven Squared Investments and Benjamin Minack, the CEO of Communications and HR Strategy Consultancy ressourcenmangel in Berlin, are also part of the powerful team of investors.

Harnessing the power of global recruitment networks

We live in a  globally connected world. And many professionals now sit in a global network of contacts. Jomigo aims to revolutionize the headhunting market and is leveraging the power of global networks to do so. The Berlin-based disruptors want to make actively recruiting specialized profiles easier, faster and more modern – in sync with new talent generations and the gig economy. 

As a recruitment marketplace, Jomigo helps forward-thinking companies throughout Germany to find suitable employees via a constantly growing community of hundreds of specialized freelance recruiters. To do this, Jomigo matches the most challenging vacancies in marketing, tech and sales with multiple recruiters who use their skills and global networks to recruit talent in parallel – called professionalized crowd recruiting by the founders. 

With this model, companies not only find new talent faster, but also save money compared to using traditional headhunting approaches

Solving recruitment challenges

The HRtech startup has already had a significant impact in tackling today’s recruitment challenges. These challenges have not just sprung up on us, but there has been a lack of innovation to address them. 

Investor Rainer Strack warned of an acute increase in the shortage of skilled workers due to demographic changes in a TED talk back in 2014. Now as a  supporter of Jomigo, he clearly thinks the team are on to something. 

Strack commented: “Recruiting skilled staff is now the number one most important challenge for CEOs worldwide. Neither the Corona pandemic nor the current economic crisis can break this trend in the long term. Jomigo delivers an outstanding solution for companies here”

Taking a tech-based forward-thinking approach, the aim is that in the long term Jomigo’s model will prevail over traditional methods. 

Co-founder Tobias Grieb explained: “We understand the talents of tomorrow, know which corporate culture attracts employees, and how an appealing job posting must look today – too many personnel service providers are still stuck in the past here”

Jannis Eller added: “More and more recruiters are realizing that they can work flexibly and remotely as freelancers, fully or on the side. Through Jomigo’s attractive recruiting gigs, we enable these highly-experienced recruiters to focus entirely on attracting top talent while we take care of acquiring and managing company clients with outstanding employee reviews.”

Further, as noted by Jonathan Muhr: “By using tech-based performance tracking, we select the best freelance recruiters and provide companies access to them. All while reducing administrative effort and offering every client a central Jomigo contact person who knows the market, provides advice, and translates the company’s requirements into an efficient recruiting gig.”

Now, equipped with a venture capital boost, the team will use the money to advance the tech platform. Key priorities are to improve the matching of companies with freelance recruiters as well as performance tracking and gamification. 

“The fresh capital will enable us to scale our solution and support even more companies who are looking to attract the best employees. Our investors are an excellent fit, both, personally and professionally. We are grateful for the strong momentum and look forward to working together towards our vision: A world where every person can unfold freely and do what he or she loves.”

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