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Amsterdam’s YourCampus lands €2.7 million to reform Europe’s labour market with personal benefits platform

YourCampus, a startup aiming to shake up how employers approach perks and benefits, has just raised €2.7 million to grow. The Amsterdam-based startup is helping shape a new era of compensation packages and is set to expand across Europe. 

Across Europe, we have seen a shake-up in terms of how employees and employers interact, what employees expect from their employers, and, in general, shifting approaches to work. It’s fueled by a combination of factors – the ongoing war for talent, the great resignation and sociocultural shifts in mindset. As a result, companies are under new pressure (and rightly so) to provide their employees with competitive and attractive benefits and perks. 

But, for HR and management teams, meeting this new demand isn’t so easy. Each employee is different and wants different things, and with the rise of remote and hybrid work, many teams aren’t even in the same location. 

YourCampus is aiming to reform how benefits and perks are approached – making it simpler for management and giving employees a better experience. The startup has now raised €2.7 million just over a year since its establishment. 

Funding details

The €2.7 million investment was led by B2B software investor Newion. ROM InWest and angel investors Kalo Bagijn (Brand New Day), Fritz Korten and Joost Jolink (Fresca Group) are also joining. 

In addition, existing investors Dutch Founders Fund and angel investors Marc van Agteren (Usabilla), Anouk de Wolff (Scale Force Talent) and Omri Amir (FindHotel) are increasing their stake in YourCampus. Earlier they invested €500,000 in the Dutch startup.

With the investment, YourCampus will continue to expand, aiming to be a platform for all employee compensation. 

A better benefits platform

Founded in 2021, YourCampus aims to structure better compensation for employees with attractive benefits packages. 

Florian Gendrault, founder and CEO of YourCampus: “The job market is under tremendous pressure. In the ‘war for talent’, employers are looking for ways to attract talent, specifically Gen Z. But there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fringe benefits and perks. An older employee might benefit from a good pension plan, while a younger employee may prefer to receive their vacation pay monthly and have some budget left over for personal development. YourCampus offers flexibility in fringe benefits and perks, but with collective discounts.”

On the YourCampus platform, employees can use a personal budget that is paid for by their employer to choose from a variety of fringe benefits and modern perks in categories such as well-being, personal development, financial well-being and mobility. Existing salary components can also be used flexibly, such as a pension plan, holiday pay and days off. YourCampus thus responds to the fact that every employee has different needs, due to being in different stages of life or working from different locations.

Next to the existing benefits, the platform offers services and products from partners. YourCampus collaborates with a wide range of providers, including Brand New Day, Classpass, Swapfiets and GoodHabitz. Employers pay a monthly fee per employee, but in return, they do not have to source individual benefit services themselves. One-time rewards can also be offered, in the form of a bonus or as a birthday gift. Companies can keep all personnel costs on the YourCampus platform and can allocate a budget per employee and category, such as a mobility budget.

In addition, YourCampus offers integration with HR & payroll vendors such as Visma Nmbrs, HiBob, Personio, Loket and AFAS.

Already, the Amsterdam-born team has fueled benefits processes for over 100 companies. Work is currently underway to add flexible holiday pay and days off, and further expand the flexible pension plan options. In the future, the company hopes to add more HR services as well.

Gendrault: “With the rise of hybrid working, employers face the challenge of keeping their employees engaged. The YourCampus app has a high engagement rate because employees are excited about their personal benefits. It provides opportunities to increase company culture through the platform. In addition, we are expanding to other European countries. For employees, we know no borders, as many of the services offered are internationally available. Employers abroad undoubtedly face the same challenges as they do here in the Netherlands. Our ambition is to have more than 1 million employees active on YourCampus by 2025.”

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