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Portuguese startup Rely.io raised €2 million for its site reliability engineering platform

Rely.io, the reliability intelligence platform productizing Site Reliability Engineering, has raised a €2 million seed round led by J12 Ventures. Additional participation came from Techstars NYC, Shilling Capital Partners alongside marquee angels from Google, Datadog, and Scaleway.

Founded in 2020, Almada-based Rely.io has been in private beta since 2021 and has partnered with cloud native companies amongst others Rows, Ticketswap and Resultid to shape the Rely.io platform. Previously Rely.io raised $600K pre-seed from Techstars, TheVentureCity, and Shilling VC.

The new capital will fuel the expansion of Rely.io’s foundation toolset, including features for team collaboration, product catalogs, additional integrations, and more. It will also support development around improved SLI templates, SLOs-as-Code, autonomous SLO discovery, and incident management features. Microservices, distributed architectures and public cloud have allowed engineering organizations to scale fast and on-demand, increasing the complexity of data-driven reliability planning and service quality tracking across different
teams, products or workload types.

Today, reliability performance data is typically spread across several independent and isolated monitoring tools, meaning developers don’t have optimal reliability ownership and accountability. In response, Rely.io is building an agnostic SaaS platform for cloud-native companies to monitor and optimize software reliability without sacrificing feature velocity, making sure they deliver efficient, incident-free experiences that meet user expectations.

Engineers can easily plug the platform into their existing monitoring and observability stack and begin defining acceptable reliability levels for each service, product, and user journey. They can also create powerful automations for alerting and releasing rollbacks, promoting a healthier incident management culture, and providing better visibility around the reliability of products up to the executive level. All in all, teams can make data-driven decisions faster, reduce the number of reliability issues, and see a higher ROI.

CEO of Rely.io, José Velez, explains that “Engineering leaders are relying on ad-hoc and manual reporting for their reliability decisions. Our goal is to be the most user-friendly Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform, to empower organizations to quickly and easily adopt SRE practices to improve their reliability planning and decision making, their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems.

José has impressed us with his clear vision and the ability to gather people around it, assembling an exceptional engineering and product team as well as leading domain experts such as Acácio Cruz, Google’s SRE Director, and Matthew Fornaciari, the co-founder of Gremlin the leading Chaos Engineering company, as investors and advisors,” said Luca Banderet, Partner at J12. “Approaching the observability and reliability challenges from a new paradigm, the Rely.io platform is well positioned to create a new category in the market. Together, we’re now focused on taking the product to the market and scaling it globally.”

Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli
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