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Meet Tellent: The new collaborative collective for HR software

With the HR market continuing to grow at exciting rates, a new player has entered the market. European companies Recruitee, Sympa and Gavel have acquired kiwiHR and will now join forces under a new umbrella group – Tellent. 

The HR space has had a lot of interesting developments recently. From new launches making HR life and processes simpler to big funding rounds fueling the next generation of tech. It’s perhaps a reflection of the changing attitudes to how we work – reflecting new demands from employees and attempts to address the challenges faced by businesses. However, in the midst of this rapidly progressing market, it has remained fragmented. In fact, some may argue that with the onset of all this new tech, it has become even more fragmented. Businesses now find themselves trying to manage a growing number of disconnected HR tools in their tech stack. 

But, perhaps for not much longer. Collaboration is also a big trend at the moment and it’s something that underpins the community of startups and innovation. Banking on this, there’s a new collective in town – Tellent. 

The details

Today, it’s been announced that Recruitee (ATS and Collaborative Hiring Software), Sympa (Human Resources Management System), and Javelo (Employee Performance Management Software)  have announced kiwiHR (Human Resources Management System for SMBs). In doing so, the four entities create a new group leader in the HR space – Tellent. 

Backed by PSG Equity, Tellent offers leading cloud-based HR tools for companies, from recruitment processes and coreHR to employee experience and beyond. Bringing kiwiHR on board will bring the group enhanced capabilities to benefit SMEs.

As the majority shareholder of the combined group, PSG will continue supporting Tellent to drive new product development and fund growth, both organically and by providing room for new great HR Tech to join Tellent’s group. 

Taking the CEO role of the new group will be Recruitee’s Founder and CEO, Perry Oostdam whilst Sympa’s Founder and CEO Keijo Karjalainen has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). 

Perry Oostdam, Founder of Recruitee and CEO of Tellent said: “Recruitee, Sympa, Javelo, and kiwiHR have a similar culture, values, and vision – it was only logical to align and empower each other in our products. The branding of each company will stay unique and unchanged – while at the same time, this new group will unify Tellent’s solutions under one umbrella, exploiting the Group’s synergies further.”

Who’s in?

The new collective will avail of pan-European representation, addressing the full spectrum of HRtech. It includes

Recruitee: An Amsterdam-based ATS solutions provider. Founded in 2015, the company’s digital software helps teams hire better and more collaboratively. 

Sympa: Rooted in Finland, Sympa is a well-known brand in the Nordics, helping HR leaders to optimize every step of the employment journey through more streamlined HR processes, nurturing and development paths, and data-driven strategic decision-making

kiwiHR: Founded in 2017, kiwiHR provides an innovative HR management software solution for SMEs. It allows clients to manage time off, documents, scheduling, vacation planning, employee data, and more

Javelo: Based in Paris, Marseille, and Barcelona, Javelo is a SaaS platform for HR performance management. The tool supports teams in digitizing appraisal practices and evaluation processes, making it more collaborative and fostering more engagement. 

Edward Hughes, Managing Director at PSG, stated: “We believe that bringing all the Group under one overarching umbrella will provide Tellent’s customers with an easy way to grow and empower each other financially and structurally, resulting in one powerful, insight driven portfolio of HR Tech solutions.”

Europe’s biggest HRtech ecosystem

Tellent’s People Growth Collective aims to offer a unique, insights-driven, collaborative and uniformed approach to talent acquisition, engagement, and retention to deliver a one-stop shop for HR teams. In doing so, it becomes Europe’s biggest HRtech ecosystem.

The company will avail of over 500 employees across 11 offices, serving over 6000 customers across more than 100 countries. Notable brands, including Taco Bell, M&S, Asus, Red Bull Media House, Breitling and Espresso House use Tellent ‘s solutions to acquire high-quality talent, safeguard employee data, and empower teams to make better strategic decisions. 

With the HR market increasingly fragmented, this new collaboration agreement brings tohert a full-service offering of among the best-in-class under one umbrella. It’ll mean no more jumping between tools for HR teams and a smoother experience for all. Each organization has its own requirements, whether local, regional, or job or profession-specific, and needs tools and solutions that work for them – Tellent will empower that. 

The firm connects people with the tech, knowledge and partners they need to thrive in their jobs – helping to tackle the lingering Great Resignation and stimulating new excitement in the European job market once more. 

For businesses, Tellent makes life a lot easier, enabling companies to grow by accessing the right tools corresponding to their growth stage and individual requirements. Having already achieved, collectively, just below €50+ million in Annual Recurring Revenue, the Group’s vision is simple – by educating and removing obstacles in tooling and processing, Tellent guides HR leaders to create a better world of work.

Sacha Taghavi, CEO of kiwiHR: “We have a long-standing commitment to helping companies simplify their HR processes; to give employees and HR managers more transparency and autonomy. This move allows us to seek to accelerate our growth and integrate deeply with HR tooling leaders on the market, such as Recruitee, Sympa, and Javelo. We are beyond excited to join the family, and we are looking forward to the great things we’ll aim to achieve together.”
Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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