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Hamburg-based Valuecase nabs €3.5 million to empower buyer-centric B2B sales

SaaS startup Valuecase is on a mission to enhance buying and onboarding experiences through digital tech. The Hamburg-based team has just secured €3.5 million to scale, reflecting growing confidence in consumer-centric SaaS products. 

Providing a high-quality customer experience is the priority for sales and marketing teams alike. It goes beyond merely attracting the customer, and needs to be applied throughout the entire sales funnel. From making that crucial final close to onboarding and beyond. For sales teams, working in a remote disparate world has meant these processes are now online – often scattered across different platforms. As the importance of consumer-centricity has become abundantly clear over the past couple of years, new tech is being sought out to deliver quality standards. 

Hamburg-based Valuecase has developed a platform that aims to enhance the customer’s digital buying and onboarding experience across the sales funnel and boosting success for B2B companies. 

Funding details

Today, Valuecase has closed €3.5 million in pre-seed funding. The round was led by Picus Capital, XAnge and 10x Founders along with angel investors such as Rubin Ritter (Zalando), Felix Jahn (McMakler and Home24) and Jonathan Benhamou (PeopleDoc and Resilience Care).

The funding will be used to support Valuecase’s go-to-market strategy as well as product development. The company is planning to invest in enhanced automation and analytics capabilities.

Making B2B sales consumer-centric

Founded in 2021 by Lennart Prange and Jan Niklas, Valuecase is on a mission to radically simplify the collaboration between customer-facing teams and their buyers. With their software, customer-facing teams can create microsites that serve as the single interface for the buyer, containing all relevant information and collaborative elements such as a mutual action plan.

Co-founder Lennart Prange explained: “B2B sellers still engage prospects like they did 15 years ago: PDFs, lots of meetings, and endless email ping-pong. This makes buying cumbersome and nerve-racking. B2C companies, on the other hand, are obsessed with creating the smoothest buying process possible for their customers. Our vision is to bring this buyer-centric philosophy to B2B.”

Essentially, the SaaS startup enables sales teams to create microsites that span the whole customer journey and can be shared with all internal stakeholders for improved team collaboration. These spaces, which can be set up in seconds, are white-label, contain all relevant information and speed up alignment through its interactive design.  For the seller, Valuecase tracks valuable engagement insights that help move deals forward.

Already, Valuecase is working with customers such as Workmotion in Germany and Welcome to the Jungle in France. Now, the plan is to grow and continue developing the platform, giving B2B teams the customer insights and collaboration tools they need. 

Arnaud Baraër, Principal at XAnge: “We strongly believe B2B sales are being revolutionized by the product that Valuecase has developed. Besides, their international profile and ambition have convinced us to back their company.”

Picus Capital’s Oliver Heinrich: “We were very impressed by the great vision and clarity of the team’s product strategy from day one. Within a very short time, Lennart, Jan Niklas and their team have built a sophisticated B2B SaaS that changes how B2B buyers and sellers interact, collaborate and close deals for good.”

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