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Berlin-based Lykon cooks up €10 million to empower people to live a healthy life with personalized nutrition

Lykon, a startup transcending both the food and healthtech verticals, has just secured €10 million. The Berlin-based business is on a mission to give people the power to take control of their health through certified nutritional advice.

Digital health is one of today’s megatrends and it’s helping Europeans take control of their own health and access medical advice from the comfort of their homes. It’s come about as a result of struggling health care systems and the pandemic which exposed the need for innovation and digitalisation within health. 

One aspect of our health that is coming under increased scrutiny in the modern world, is our diet and nutrition. As the modern diet becomes more processed, and food tech innovators look for sustainable and healthy alternatives to traditional foods, a focus on our nutrition is becoming more prevalent. They say you are what you eat, and the truth is, that no two bodies are the same. We all need different diets to stay healthy, and nutritional knowledge is fundamental in achieving this. 

Reflecting this, taking a digital approach to health, through analyzing nutrition and giving personalized advice, German startup Lykon has just raised €10 million. 

Founded in 2018, Lykon develops personalized nutrition concepts and dietary supplements based on laboratory-diagnostic blood and DNA analysis, artificial intelligence and medical research. With just a few drops of blood or saliva, which can be collected at home, the startup is able to provide customers with tailored nutrition and action recommendations to help them achieve their health goals.

Customers order the Lykon tests at home, perform them at home and send the samples by post. The samples are analyzed in a lab and the results are presented on an individual Lykon profile with clear certified nutritional recommendations. 

Tobias Teuber: “The way we eat should be as unique as every one of us.”

Funding details

The €10 million Series A round was led by venture capital investor Zintinus. The round also includes participation from venture debt provider BTG – Bridge To Growth, as well as existing investors including MA Ventures, the venture capital fund of Swiss retailer Migros Aare (managed by Redstone) and media group Ippen Digital.

With the closing of the financing round, a new brand identity was unveiled at the sametime. The aim is that this will help boost awareness of the benefits of personalized, science-based nutrition. 

This funding round is on top of a €6.4 million raise in 2021, led by MA Ventures, and its 2021 acquisition of Gaia Nutrition. 

Lykon founder and CEO Tobias Teuber commented: “We are proud to have attracted Zintinus and other investors like BTG. Together with the investors and our Lykonians, we are advancing our mission to build the leading ecosystem for personalized nutrition worldwide.​ We will use the capital raised to further increase the user-friendliness of our products and to develop new markets and target groups.”

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