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Barcelona-based GoodNews raises €11 million to scale its socio-cultural coffee movement

Barcelona-based GoodNews has raised €11 million for its coffee brand that is brining about a social revolution. The coffee-meets-news stands are popping up across Europe as the startup scales fast. 

Picking up a daily newspaper, or a weekend special is one of those nostalgic pastimes that has been enjoyed for generations. Flicking through the pages, catching up on the day was always best enjoyed with a  cup of coffee, and, for millions over the years, has been a ritualistic experience. But, as times change, so do our habits and newsstands have lost popularity over the years.

Bringing that charm back and with a revolutionary twist. GoodNews is transforming the sector, becoming pioneers of the coffee space based on prioritizing experience, news and vibes. 

Fresh investment brewing

The Barcelona-based startup, which has grown extensively this past year, has now picked up €11 million in a Series A round. 

The funding was led by Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, through his company La Vida es Chula and Barlon Capital, led by Javier Rubió, and who has previously invested in other successful projects such as Paack, Housefy or Vicio. These recognized new national investors add to the trust placed by the current partners who have also participated in the operation.

The investment also tripled the value of GoodNews’ previous three financing rounds – becoming the coffee startup in Europe to have raised the most money to date.

Jan Barthe, CEO and co-founder: “We are very happy to have been able to close this operation with such success. We are very grateful to the investors who place their trust in our project, and of which we can already confirm that it has become the main coffee startup in Europe, both in terms of the volume of investment captured and for its influence and innovation in its business model.”

GoodNews: Good coffee, good experience

Created in the coffee lovers’ paradise of Barcelona in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, GoodNews has been part of a socio-cultural moment, reconnecting people to what makes them feel good and keeping their minds open to what is going on around the world. 

It was brewed by five friends, Jan Barthe, Fernando Conde, Alejandro Catasús, Lucas de Gispert and Ignacio Campos, all committed to turning traditional newsstands around to promote good news at a delicate socio-cultural moment.

Jan commented: “The coffee and healthy beverage industry is experiencing a true revolution and our mission is to lead the revolution in Europe. In recent years, the focus has been on the origin of coffee. Now we believe that the time has come to focus on how coffee can add value to human health.”

The startup operates along three business verticals: Retail (opening kiosks and stores in the main cities of Europe), E-Commerce (where you can purchase coffee and subscribe to its coffee service and coffee machines) and a B2B service for SMEs and companies. 

Scaling across Europe

GoodNews has enjoyed caffeine-fuelled growth since its conception and has now reached a network of 21 Grab & Go spaces located in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. Recently, the company has also opened three new spaces in prime locations both in Madrid and Barcelona. 

Jan Barthe added: “The financial muscle we now have allows us to enter new segments and expand our range of products and services based on promoting and disseminating healthy lifestyles. In addition, we will do so, as always, respecting our code of ethics and only working with suppliers and companies in the industry that work (and can demonstrate) in favor of ending abuses in the coffee industry.”

In addition to the consolidation of its physical sales spaces, the company has developed two new lines of business focused on digitizing the sale of coffee at home and in offices through an innovative digital subscription system. Among the company’s plans for the coming months is to extend the digital subscription model both in homes and offices in Europe.

The company, which will end 2022 with a workforce of more than 100 workers, expects to close the current year with significant growth in turnover and anticipates good results for the coming years with the growth of more than 300%.

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