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Berlin-based Rex fetches €5 million to digitise vet care for a new generation of pet owners

Berlin-based Rex has just raised €5 million to build veterinary practices of the future. The pet tech startup is bringing the digital world to vet care, focusing on customer experience, digitised processes and first-class care. 

For pet owners across Europe, having access to quality veterinary care is vital. As pet ownership is growing across the continent, especially among younger generations, it’s an area with plenty of scope to grow and develop. It’s brought about an interesting vertical in the tech space – pet tech – and it’s one that is starting to take off. 

The veterinary and pet care world has been a little slower to join the digital transformation. Aiming to transform that, and bring vet care into the digital era, Berlin-based Rex has just raised €5 million. The funding was led by Vorwerk Ventures, existing investor Picus Capital and Calm/Storm also participated. Additional investors include founders Vlad Lata and Julian Kley from Avi Medical, Florian Seubert from Zooplus and Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz from Klara.

Founded in 2021 by Jonathan Loesing and Julian Lechner, the aim behind Rex is to establish a chain of modern vet practices – focusing on creating a more convenient experience through digitisation. 

Jonathan explained: “We’re building pleasant, modern veterinary practices for first-class veterinary care on-site. In combination with digital offers around telemedicine and e-commerce, we offer easy access to services and products for pets and their owners.”

Rex will offer a range of digital services including mobile appointment booking, telehealth visits and regular reminders about vaccinations and check-ups to make going to the vet more efficient.

It’s reported that millennials now make up the largest generation of pet owners, and it is with this in mind that inspires Rex. Catering to the digital generation, empowering them to be able to better care for their furry friends. As commented by Sascha Guenther, Partner at Vorwerk Ventures: 

“Unfortunately, most veterinary practices are not tailored to this young target group, as they are severely under-digitised and therefore no longer meet the demands of today’s generation of pet owners. We see great potential in Rex to digitise the veterinary care market, making it more efficient and modern.” 

This new funding boost will be used to invest in product optimisation, technical upgrades and marketing. Rex opened its first veterinary practice in Berlin-Friedenau in May 2022 and has grown to 25 employees to date.

Jonathan added: “We are developing our own practice management software, with which we want to offer both pet owners and vet care staff in the practices the best possible experience.”

Oliver Heinrich, Partner at Picus Capital: “Their proprietary software does not only allow Rex to run more efficient practices and relieve veterinarians of administrative burdens by offering a digital interface to the pet owners, Rex offers its customers a portfolio of services and products in addition to physical veterinary care, making the lives of veterinarians, pets and their owners much easier.”

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Patricia Allen
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