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Vienna-based 25superstars scores over €474k to launch its marketplace connecting companies with content creators

With the demand for video content continuing to skyrocket, Vienna-based 25superstars is connecting companies with skilled content creators. The startup just secured over €474k in pre-seed funding for its AI-based marketplace. 

It’s the era of content consumption and demand for quality video content is ramping up around the world. Businesses – from startups to enterprises – are increasingly looking for easy-to-create quality content at scale. Helping them do so, Austrian startup 25superstars just scored more than €474k in fresh capital. The investment came from LVC Investments and business angels. 

Founded in 2021 by Rustem Akishbekov, the marketplace has been designed to save businesses time and money whilst simultaneously helping creators from around the world earn extra money. Having previously founded Robo Wunderkind (a robotics company), as well as having been a partner at Arkley VC, Rustem has first-hand experience with this challenge. 

Rustem Akishbekov, CEO commented: “Today, we are very excited to announce the public launch of 25superstars. Our team has been hard at work for over a year. One of our primary focuses is to help content creators all over the world to improve their earnings, as we believe these industry professionals are underpaid. The other goal we are trying to achieve is to assist businesses in scaling their video content creation. Our team is thankful for our investors and customers, with their support we have been able to grow. Now, we are more than ready to grow even faster with the upcoming funding.”

The Vienna-based company has gathered together a team of designers, engineers and data scientists to develop machine learning powered by suggestions, which helps make decisions about which creators companies should work with, and what type of video content is the best fit. 

While 25superstars is connecting companies with creators, it is providing creators with an additional income. These creators earn money by creating high-quality content that is used on clients’ websites, ads, testimonials, or social media accounts. All creators are individually vetted and validated for their skills and are interviewed before they are activated on the platform and eventually matched with a company. 

Speaking about the benefit of the platform, content creator Viriginia Stienmann said: “I have family in Canada and Switzerland. Once I moved to Europe, I fell in love with traveling. I’m living in Portugal now and moving to Spain in a few months. My passion is content creation, and 25superstars has enabled that to take off. Content Creation with 25superstars allows me to have a lot of freedom and live wherever I want.”

The Austrian company is working with a variety of brands – from early-stage startups to mature and well-established companies. The video content demand is one that spans markets, industries and companies of all sizes in search of quality creations. 

The easy-to-use platform works with a machine learning algorithm that matches businesses with the most suitable creators. After the brand selects from the matched creators, they can begin discussions on the details of the video content that is required. The selected creators receive a notification with all the information required for the task. It works on an international scale – connecting businesses and creators across borders and accelerating the creation of content. 

Arsen T., Marketing Manager at Relai (Swiss Fintech), said: “I think that the era of Instagram, where you put the polished picture of your food and everything looks clean is slowly transitioning away. With short form video, some creators don’t even show their faces, but this is the type of content that works. When you go to Instagram reels or TikTok, you see lots of genuine and authentic content. It’s like low effort because it creates that genuine connection and I think it’s just part of a bigger trend. It’s really great that there is 25superstars where we can get this kind of trendy content.”

Already, the platform has about 1000 registered creators worldwide, having onboarded talent from Australia, India, Africa, Canada, the United States and Europe. It’s also building a strong reputation for itself among creators and companies alike. This new dunning will help scale the product, accelerating the development of this marketplace. 

Rustem added: “We are opening an office in San Francisco in the next couple of months and opening an entity there. We are growing by 20 per cent every month, and the number of creators on our platform is projected to be around 3,000 by the end of the year”

With the demand for content continuing to soar on a global level, 25superstars is entering a market with massive growth potential. Its benefit is already being recognised, marking an exciting future for the company.

Weronika Adkonis, Marketing Manager at StormX (US based crypto company) added: “Working with 25superstars has completely changed how I work. No longer do I need to spend hours creating content within my team nor do I have to constantly send back and forth emails confirming briefs and details like you often need to when working with other content agencies. The team at 25superstars has been staying super vigilant over our campaigns, reducing the need for creator and brand interaction. Their newly released creator platform also allows for a straightforward content ordering process.”

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Patricia Allen
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