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UK-based BotsAndUs scores €12.3 million to make warehouses more efficient with AI and robots

With a pioneering warehouse data intelligence system based on AI and autonomous mobile robots, BotsAndUs has just raised over €12.3 million. The UK-based startup is using its disruptive tech to streamline warehouse operations and logistics.

Warehouse logistics are a critical part of keeping the global supply chain moving. With the boom in ecommerce, warehouses are under increasing pressure to keep up with demand and operate efficiently. Helping them do so, BotsAndUs has just secured fresh funding in a round led by Lakestar, with participation from Maersk Growth, Kindred Capital, and Capnamic Ventures. 

Founded in 2015, BotsAndUs​​’ pioneering warehouse data intelligence system captures real-time insights using fully-autonomous, mobile robots and AI, helping companies drive better business decisions. The rapid increase in demand for near-instantaneous storage, dispatch, and delivery of goods is placing enormous time and cost pressures on companies, who now need to rethink and enhance their logistics and storage operations. According to Logistics Management data, at least 69% of companies are currently looking to improve their inventory control, as a more specific action to lower costs.

BotsAndUs’ mobile robots are able to quickly process pallets at every stage in their journey throughout the warehouse. Triggered by the arrival of trucks, the robots capture the volume and condition of goods to check them in as they enter the warehouse, and also check them out as they leave the warehouse. The same robots scan goods on shelves and record their location and quantity.

This deep tech innovation blends a fleet of state-of-the-art autonomous robots, with unique navigation, vision systems, and AI. It means they can operate in the warehouse without human intervention, digitising the warehouse without the need to make additional investments in infrastructure. As a result, the startup argues that its robots will save time and protect revenues by eliminating manual dimensioning and stock checking; ultimately allowing managers to have full and real-time visibility of their operations from the comfort of their desks.

Co-founder and CEO, Andrei Danescu, explained: “BotsAndUs is already paving the way for artificial intelligence and robotics to completely transform logistics, and this new financing only reaffirms our vision. It’s incredibly exciting to know that our integrated AI and robotics platform is helping companies boost their performance and unlock their full potential. By providing state-of-the-art autonomous robotics and a proprietary AI platform, we’re confident we can make our vision a reality: transforming logistics on a global scale with real time data to eliminate errors and enhance performance across all steps.”

The UK-based startup is already trusted by a number of clients representing core industries, including Menzies Aviation, Huboo and Maersk.  BotsAndUs aims to be the go-to robotics provider for supply chains across almost every industry, envisioning that its platform will help warehouse managers around the world. 

Lakestar Partner Christoph Schuh, commented: “More than 80% of warehouses have no automation at all. With warehouses expected to grow by 50% by 2025 and labour shortages of over 30%, automation clearly holds the key to ensuring logistics operations are as optimised as possible. BotsAndUs is unique in providing robots that capture real-time data, allowing warehouse operators to carry out their duties with little hindrance. We’re delighted to join the stellar team on their journey to transform logistics and enable companies to perform at their best.”

Putting this new investment to use, BotsAndUs have planned to expand its robotics solution globally, placing an emphasis on building strong partnerships with industry leaders to accelerate growth. It is targeting markets including Germany, France, Nordics, USA, and Canada. The company is also seeking to expand its talent pool and grow its tech team, aiming to increase the size of the team to over 50 people by the end of 2022. 

Oliver Finch, Investment Partner, Maersk Growth, added: “We are delighted to back such a talented and inspiring team. BotsAndUs are tackling big opportunities in global logistics. Most warehouses have limited or no automation, and could benefit significantly from exploring this space. Many firms currently stretch the capacity of people and process in response to business challenges. BotsAndUs provides an easy on-ramp for warehouses to explore automation, enrich data and enable intelligent optimisation to utilise untapped capabilities from existing assets and teams.”

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