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Oslo-based Findable secures €2 million to make building documentation digital

Building documentation might not have the most exciting reputation. It’s generally associated with paperwork and logistics, but, it’s something that is incredibly important. To bring old-fashioned building documentation processes into the 21st Century, Oslo-based startup Findable is using AI to organise and digitise the documents – making buildings and their management simpler and easier. 

The startup, launched in 2020, has just secured €2 million for its automaton AI platform from KOMPAS, with participation from Construct Venture and Malling & Co Venture.

Building documentation can be described as the instruction manual of a building. The huge volumes of information stored in these documents relate to anything from the construction history and contractor details to maintenance information on HVAC units, pipes, electricals and fire safety. They are, therefore, incredibly important. 

Storing this documentation safely and organising it in an easily accessible way is necessary to ensure routine facility management, inspection and certification processes. Poorly organised documentation results in additional costs for building owners by as much as €2 per square metre every year, while the physical storage of documents can frequently result in loss or damage.

Fredrik Halmøy Wisløff, CEO at Findable explained: “Building documentation, its organisation and storage, is quite frankly a tedious task. Even today it’s still a largely manual process involving stacks of paper and piles of ring binders.  Similar to the software that automatically sorts photo albums using face recognition, our technology quickly identifies the key data and makes it easier for relevant parties to access the information that matters. Digitising and automating building documentation is the only way to streamline this laborious but critical aspect of building management.” 

Findable digitises building documentation, using AI to automatically categorise documents and allows users to locate specific information via a search function. The software is able to analyse headlines, pictures and drawings, and quickly conclude what the document shows and how it should be organised. It means that documents are more secure, complete and accessible. As a result, time is saved enabling construction companies and facility managers to streamline the process of inspections and certifications.

The startup’s tech comes at a time when sectors are finding themselves with the necessity to digitise to keep up with the demands of the modern world. It also reflects a growing need for improved documentation with stricter building controls coming into force. In the UK for example this is starting to take shape through the ongoing Grenfell Tower Inquiry which has recommended new laws in their Phase 1 Report to make building documentation more accessible. 

The new capital injection will be used by the Norwegian team to scale the platform further and grow its customer base as the team plans for international expansion. 

Sebastian Peck, Partner at KOMPAS added: “The facilities management sector in Europe is a massive market undergoing its own digital transformation. The construction industry, property developers and facility managers all require digital solutions to meet complex regulatory and sustainability requirements. Findable’s solution provides easy access to the right building documentation, supporting workflow automation and thereby removing a major bottleneck. We are really excited to back the terrific team at Findable.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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