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Nippy Groceries’ crowdfunding campaign to revolutionise the grocery experience picks up speed

The grocery experience has changed a lot over the past couple of years. Going to the grocery store used to be a standard weekly habit – filling the basket with all the essentials for the week ahead. Kids trying to sneakily throw treats and goodies in the basket without their parents noticing, penny-pinchers scouring the aisles for new deals – just some of the things one could see in their local market. 

Then, came the era of online shopping and click & collect. It surged in popularity giving our busy lives one less thing to have on the to-do list. Now, we are firmly in the era of quick commerce and on-demand services. And grocery is no different. Whilst ordering food and shopping online isn’t new, during the pandemic it became the norm and most Europeans saw the benefits in this new approach. 

On a mission to completely reshape the online and offline grocery retail space through an omnichannel approach, UK-based Nippy Groceries are growing fast. Launched in 2021, the startup is offering an innovative approach to commerce, delivering groceries and food in 30 minutes 24/7 – without the premium price tag. 

Led by the team behind Grocemania, Nippy operates with digital stores and physical stores, via its app, and via multiple aggregators such as UberEats, Deliveroo, Grocemania, JustEat and Foodhub. It means that demand can always be kept up with and consumers can get access to groceries in the way that works best for them. 

Askar Bulegenov commented: “We’ve been in the grocery industry for the past 6 years pioneering on-demand deliveries with Grocemania. And we know from experience, that subsidizing the growth and customer acquisition with discounts is not always the best idea and recent news from Getir, Gorillas, Jiffy and GoPuff prove us right. That’s why we came up with this unique approach and our own POS system to go for all possible channels in 2022 and grow each site organically without the need for millions spent on marketing and discounts, while also providing customers with best prices and service on all platforms.” 

The company has built its own POS technology, which allows the system to check SKU availability and snooze them across all channels and even partner marketplaces with a live API integration. This is a revolution in the whole retail industry – and it’s been called ‘Digi Stores’. With this approach, Nippy is challenging the status quo of q-commerce and bringing new possibilities for businesses to grow a truly sustainable and profitable retail network.

Currently, the grocery market disruptors are crowdfunding via Seedrs with a target of €170k – and they’re picking up the pace! The plan is to use crowdfunding to build 4 more stores in the UK and scale the pioneering omnichannel grocery option. So far the young startup already has over €100k of revenue without spending on ads or discounts and has counted more than 6k deliveries!

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Patricia Allen
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