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German all-in-one travel platform Lambus takes flight with €800k as European travel booms

It’s now believed that travel is reaching its pre-pandemic levels, and within this context, hotels are now thought to be even more expensive than before. Jet-setting Europeans are itching to take to the skies again and it’s showing. 

Within this context, tech innovation in the travel industry had also been taking off and now, booking a holiday is more seamless, simple and stress-free than ever before. From BNPL options to integrated booking systems, travellers can book a holiday all at the click of a button (well, almost one click). 

Joining the traveltech innovation boom, German startup Lambus, is offering an all-in-one travel platform and the team has just secured €800k in seed funding. The funding was led by NBank Capital and ennea Invest, as well as other strategic business angels. Industry leaders such as former Managing Director Europe of Kayak, Jan Valentin and founder of V-Tours, Tobias Wolfshohl also pledged to help the company with its strategic direction and the development of new partnerships, in addition to supporting it with fresh capital. Other backers include Thomas Knaack, Thomas Hanke, Dr. Geoffery Weisner, JAC Ventures and Third Level Ventures.

Hans Knöchel, Co-Founder and CEO of Lambus commented: “The Corona pandemic has been a major challenge for the entire travel industry. We are currently seeing a massive increase in booking volume and user engagement in general, which verifies the strength and need for our product. This is a testament to the entire team that the work of the last two years of the Pandemic is now paying off – having over 200.000 unique users on the platform already. The closing of the funding round and the investors’ confidence in our product and business model is a nice confirmation of this work.”

Founded in Osnabrück, Germany, in 2019, Lambus is a collaborative platform that consolidates and digitizes various aspects of travel planning and execution (waypoints, travel costs, booking documents and Seite 2/2 much more) in one central location. It’s helping travel enthusiasts who want to manage and story all their trips centrally and digitally. The team was actually a finalist in lst year’s FutureTravel Summit Pitch Competition – which will be happening again this year. 

The fresh capital will be used to take the next steps to further turn the vision of digitizing the entire travel process from planning to execution and follow-up into reality. The funding will further drive the monetization and internationalization of the platform to provide a consistent, stress-free and digital travel experience for travellers worldwide.

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