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French startup CleverConnect merges with Talentry to lead talent acquisition in Europe

Across Europe, there has been a notable problem in the workforce across markets – a skills shortage. Not only does this have an impact on workplaces and growth, but also puts increasing strain on recruitment and HR professionals. 

Aiming to become the European leader of talent acquisition solutions, CleverConnect and Talentry have just announced they will be joining forces to arm companies with the recruitment and HRtech tools they need. 

Together, the French and German companies want to counteract the current unprecedented shortage of skilled workers – by using the most efficient and advanced technologies to help recruiters on a daily basis and offer fulfilling candidate experiences. 

Founded in Paris in 2010, CleverConnect is helping over 2,500 companies across Europe to rethink their recruitment strategy. The HRtech startup, which recently raised €30 million, has developed an innovative SaaS solution for time-shifted video interviews, intelligent career pages with AI, and matching technology for resumes. Potential talents can be addressed and converted into applicants in an efficient and modern way.

Talentry, which was founded in Munich in 2013, is on a mission to connect people with the organizations that they love. The team pioneered a digital employee referral programme and is putting a personal touch at the heart of its recruitment strategy. With its cloud-based talent relationship platform, Talentry accompanies customers in every phase of the application process in order to efficiently find the best talents across all available channels and retain them in the long term.

While Europe is one of the most affected markets in terms of skills shortages, HR professionals are increasingly facing a lack of quality applications and rising international competition. As a result, investments in talent management, employer branding, and high-quality job postings, as well as tools that can convert applicants into qualified talent, are becoming the focus of HR spending. 

Louis Coulon, co-founder of CleverConnect, explained: “Today, no organization can afford to neglect candidate experience and forgo recruitment transformation. We’ve been impressed by Talentry’s culture, values and innovative products and even more by the complementarity with ours. With this merger, we are fully committed to develop an integrated platform that offers a holistic approach to talent acquisition, from attraction to retention. I am very pleased to welcome the wonderful team members of Talentry and am convinced that together we can become a European-born Global leader.”

Through this new partnership, CleverConnect will become a 270-employee team with strong roots in both France and Germany – two of the powerhouses of the continent. It will enable CleverConnect to optimally and holistically support organizations in transforming their recruitment processes to attract newly qualified candidates, engage them in sustainable relationships and reveal their skills and potential, as well as offer candidates a fulfilling experience.

Marko Vujasinovic, co-founder & CEO of CleverConnect, added: “Europe has been facing skills shortage for many years now, and is complex to address for recruiting teams because of each country’s specificities and constraints. This makes it the most advanced market in terms of recruitment strategy and HR care. That is why we believe a European specialist like Cleverconnect, with solid German and French roots, has all the assets to be a Global champion of our category. And history shows that in many industries Franco-German companies have become worldwide leaders.”

In addition, renowned investors of Talentry like Carsten Thoma, Bastian Nominacher and Alex Rinke will join CleverConnect’s investors. Carl Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Talentry GmbH joins CleverConnect as a co-founder immediately.

Carl Hoffmann, founder & CEO Talentry GmbH, said: “CleverConnect and Talentry not only share a deep expertise in HR and recruiting, we also share the same company values and strive for one mission: provide fulfilling job opportunities for everyone. The skills shortage has reached enormous proportions and will continue to plague companies around the world. So it is only logical that we join forces and face this challenge together with CleverConnect to support our customers in the best possible way. I am therefore very much looking forward to the German-French cooperation at eye level and to an exciting time full of ideas, further development and growth.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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