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Danish startup JumpStory has now raised over €2.8 million for its ‘Netflix of images’ platform

Improving access to high-quality and high-performing images online, Danish startup JumpStory has picked up a new million-euro investment bringing its total funding to over €2.8 million

Continuing its rapid pace of growth, JumpStory has just picked up a new investment for its pioneering platform providing easy access to high-performing images. The stock photo industry is reportedly worth about $5 billion every year and JumpStory is disrupting the market. 

New investors include  Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson, who is also the co-founder of Basecamp, and Joergen Bardenfleth – former Scandinavian CEO at Microsoft. 

Founded in 2018 by Jonathan Low and Anders Thiim, JumpStory has developed a platform that is taking on the likes of Getty Images and Shutterstock. It is doing so by prioritizing authentic and high-performing images and developing the business model in a way that’s similar to Netflix.

Jonathan Low commented: “We’re super proud and excited that David has decided to jump on board. We want to change the world of stock photos and make it much more simple, transparent and authentic. The stock photo industry is turning over $5 billion a year, but at the same time, we feel so much is wrong with the industry, as it is. For example, all the cheesy stock images; the complex licensing terms and the high prices.”

The startup has simplified pricing and licensing to offer a subscription offering, similar to that of the popular streaming service. It’s offering one simple license and unlimited downloads for a fixed monthly price – a game-changer for anyone involved in content. Prices are under €30 per month and allow for unlimited downloads of millions of curated and authentic stock photos, videos, icons and AI tools. 

Reporting a yearly growth rate of 230%, JumpStory has had an exciting journey in its shake-up of an industry that was getting a little stagnant. The company now has customers using the platform from around the world, including the likes of APSIS, SEMrush and Computerworld. 

Further, the startup’s team is made up of members from 8 different countries. This new funding will fuel the company’s growth. 

Anders Thiim explained: “Currently the US, Canada, Australia and the UK are our biggest markets. However, from the beginning, Jonathan and I decided that we wanted to grow the company from our HQ in Denmark. We believe that local ecosystems are hugely important because as entrepreneurs we want to give back to the communities that we grew out of. We have no plans to move to Silicon Valley”.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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