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Combining empathy with technology to enhance CCaaS: the secret to customer success? (Sponsored)

Ensuring excellent customer service is a crucial part of success for any B2C business. Having renowned customer service can fuel your sales funnel, ensure customer longevity and enhance your company’s reputation. 

Today, more and more teams are working remotely, and consumers are increasingly connecting with businesses online rather than in-person. The result is that a new approach to customer service is needed. In the past, a friendly face could make a big difference during a customer interaction, but now, we are firmly in the age of dealing with customer issues via the phone or online.  

Leading this new type of customer service is the need to design customer experiences with empathy and openness in mind – promoting this is the foundation for successful CCaaS (Contact Centre-as-a-Service) solutions. Brands and companies can reconnect with customers through fundamental compassion, empathy and expertise. These are the values that are helping contact centre solutions thrive and be successful.  

To make your customer contact empathetic and approachable, using an outsourced CCaaS solution could be the way forward. Companies like Odigo can ensure that your customers receive excellent standards of service.  

Odigo, a CCaaS industry leader in helping organisations improve their customer satisfaction scores and achieving a more rewarding customer experience, has found there are three core values that should be at the centre of customer contact:

Humanity, Commitment, Openness. 

Humans are front and centre

Regardless of the service, dealing with customers needs to lead with the recognition that humans should be front and centre of the approach. AI and tech can help with this. For example, by helping reduce agent fatigue or burnout from listening to repetitive and demanding queries, it can be used to apply speech recognition tools. AI-led bot services can also guide a customer to resolution and bypass the need for call queues and agent involvement.  

Intelligent use of AI-led services and automation can help put the needs of the customer first. The increased convenience of these services can also help deflect routine, repetitive tasks so agents can engage with empathy in the more complex ones that bring greater job satisfaction. 

Complete Integration

A good CCaaS solution can integrate individual customer interactions into a 360-degree customer view. It can also integrate with other complementary technologies to enhance customer experiences in line with a company’s long-term plans.  

Using a CCaaS solution can increase loyalty by offering customers greater personalisation and value when they interact with an organisation. CCaaS is just one piece of the puzzle though, agents and a supportive contact centre culture also help put human-centric values at the heart of customer service.   

Odigo – more than CCaaS solutions

Odigo is a leading provider of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions which facilitate communication between large organisations and individuals. Its innovative approach is based on holistically combining empathy with tech to enable brands to connect with the crucial human element of interaction while also taking full advantage of digital possibilities.

A pioneer of customer experience, with roots hailing back to 1986, the company is already helping more than 250 clients in over 100 countries enhance customer experiences. 

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