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The secret’s out. Thuringia is a hub of investment and innovation (Sponsored)

Insider’s already know it – Thuringia is the place to be when it comes to groundbreaking tech and highly innovative startups. Investors who want to find hidden gems and treasures off the beaten track should all put Investor Days Thuringia into the diary. Taking place on June 14 & 15 in Erfurt, Germany, it’s 2 days featuring 50 future technologies, dozens of pitches and ample opportunity  of networking.

Investor Days Thuringia focuses on early-stage growth companies built on future technologies in the B2B space, with nearly 30 startups coming from the portfolio of beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH (bm|t).

Thuringia’s focus on B2B high-tech has the advantage for investors that the financing rounds do not have to be huge to reach the next value-creating milestones, and, equity capital is generally not invested into consumer marketing. A focused use of equity capital in the high-tech space seems to be attractive for an increasing number of investors.

Golden era of Thuringia

Germany’s venture capital scene is known to be resilient, in fact, it even strengthened and grew during the pandemic. Thuringia is an excellent example of this phenomenon. Here, investment activity has been extremely robust with record numbers in 2020, which were again topped in 2021. The total amount of invested capital and the number of seven-figure rounds have been at astoundingly high  levels. Altogether, it’s a strong signal for the diversity of attractive investment opportunities available in Thuringia. 

In addition to a strong market environment, digitalization has provided increased transparency and visibility for high-tech companies in the region. The search for investment opportunities has been decoupled from live events and digital formats and increased focus on desk research have led to a much greater discovery of innovative Thuringian companies with transformational technologies. Thuringia is a region that has been at the forefront of invention and innovation for a long time – Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe both hail from here. 

This insider secret, the hidden gem that is Thuringia, won’t remain hidden for much longer. 

Thuringia’s investment attractiveness has increased significantly over recent years and  it has grown in popularity. At the same time, there is still plenty of potential for private investors. A look beyond the large metropolises is definitely worthwhile for treasure-hunting investors.

The Investor Days Thuringia on June 14 & 15 offers the perfect chance for Investors to search for undiscovered diamonds in the rough! Sign up today!

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Patricia Allen
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