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Sevillan startup Galgus supercharges international expansion with €4 million boost

Developing intelligent WiFi tech that both optimises network performance and provides advanced geolocation analytics, Galgus has just picked up €4 million. The funding for the Sevillan company was led by GED Capital,  Mundi Ventures and GoHub Ventures. 

Founded in 2013, Galgus’s unique WiFi technology is present in different scenarios all over the world. From planes and trains to football stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, schools, convention centres, businesses, rural areas and beyond, Galgus is keeping us connected. 

One of the core patents is Galgus’ Cognitive Hotspot™ Technology (CHT). This is an embedded generic software that makes WiFi networks intelligent and optimizes spectral efficiencies for WiFi routers and Access points (APs). CHT optimises the performance of WiFi networks through the application of artificial intelligence, offering a more reliable WiFi connection in public and private networks. Additionally, it creates a fully distributed Wi-Fi network, making each AP intelligent.

A WiFi network with CHT is more reliable, better performing, greener, and delivers a flawless QoS (Quality of Service) for every connected user and thing. 

Galgus also offers a differentiating and award-winning Location Analytics technology, recognised by Gartner for its disruptive potential worldwide. It provides highly accurate device counts and movement patterns for all devices in the range of the network, that provide enterprises and cities with the business intelligence needed to optimise their digital engagement efforts. 

The company is already a world leader in onboard WiFi technology on planes and trains, with more than 5000 devices installed on aircraft all over the world, from the USA to the Philippines. Galgus Smart WiFi is being deployed with prestigous clients such as  Telefónica, Boeing, Hoteles Barceló, Cellnex, Adif, Netoip and Icomera. 

The fresh funding will fuel Galgus’ aim to keep expanding internationally and respond to growing demands across markets – especially in the USA. 

José González, CEO and co-founder of Galgus, explained: “Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities where high-quality WiFi connectivity is in high demand. With this boost, we will be able to capture a high volume of international business that will allow us to position ourselves as a global benchmark in the sector. Thanks to our 9 patents, we have a clear competitive advantage, especially in geolocation analytics, well ahead of the leading brands in the sector. We have to take advantage of this to accelerate our international expansion”

Rajeev Singh-Molares, Galgus board member and founder of Mundi Ventures, added: “Galgus’ innovative technology is perfectly targeted to optimise the skyrocketing growth of WiFi data. The US and other international markets can greatly benefit from this disruptive technology, which can make Galgus a world leader in delivering a better WiFi experience to users.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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