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On track to build the future world of work, Remote is simplifying global hiring and just raised its Series C (Sponsored)

Remote has the vision to facilitate the future of working – building a working world that is unconstrained by borders. The firm, founded in 2019, offers a global solution for managing international payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance for companies of all sizes from startups to enterprise businesses. 

The world of work is changing. Increasingly both employers and employees are looking for international opportunities in search of the perfect job fit. The move to hybrid and remote working is facilitating this as well as both employers and employees demanding more. For employers, they are demanding workers with greater skills and experience, and employees are demanding more benefits, perks and flexibility from their workplace. 

The company just picked up a massive €283 million Series C financing round. The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 with participation from existing investors including Accel, Sequoia, Index Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, General Catalyst, 9Yards, Adams Street and Base Growth. It comes just 8 months following its Series B (€141 million)  and puts the unicorn company at a $3 billion valuation. It represents the growing popularity of remote work, showing real necessity in the product the company is providing. Remote is now undoubtedly a market leader in this space, helping forward-thinking companies transform their workforce and the ways in which they operate in the global economy. 

Hire Internationally with Remote

Just because it’s becoming popular, doesn’t make it easy, hiring internationally can be a complex affair for companies. 

When hiring internationally, a company has two options. The first is to open their own entity in that country while the second is to engage the services of an employer-of-record (EOR). Opening a new entity can be time-consuming and expensive, and, it requires a long list of local resources to be successful. When taking into account payroll for multiple countries, various labor laws, compliance issues, and other country-specific requirements, it begins to make more sense to engage with an EOR, like Remote. 

With an employer-of-record like Remote, companies are able to quickly and easily hire employees based around the world, making the transition cheaper and easier to scale. Companies can manage full-time employees and contractors alike, as local experts at Remote take care of payroll, benefits and onboarding. 

Remote operates with owned entities, meaning that they retain full control over operations and hiring processes, ensuring a seamless experience. The firm has in-house experts for every location around the world – so the sky’s the limit. 

Remote’s pricing is straightforward, with transparent fees for both full-time employees and contractors, with cost-effective solutions for companies of all sizes and stages of operation. 

The company counts leaders in the remote working trend as customers, such as GitLab, DoorDash, Loom, Paystack, Jeeves and many others who are building distributed, future-ready teams around the world. Further, with a list of integration partners, along with the Remote Marketplace, where companies can find other resources for distributed teams, and their own API, Remote adds value by helping to build out the ecosystem. 

A Global Footprint, A Shared Responsibility

With a global footprint, Remote is uniquely positioned to influence more than just administrative processes. In early 2022, Remote launched Remote for Refugees. This program connects businesses with refugee talent, creating opportunities for displaced people to work remotely, anywhere. Remote charges zero fees for this service. 

Also in 2022, Remote launched Remote Relocation, a service which helps companies help their employees who want to relocate, providing expert support through visa guidance and sponsorship, local immigration and tax guidance, insurance and training for cross-cultural situations. 

Internationalization of work can have benefits that stretch beyond employee/employer relations. It can also make a tangible impact on our wider society. 

The Workplace of the Future

Companies that hire remote employees for distributed teams find themselves with a better, more diverse talent pipeline,  are able to retain employees for longer, and, reap the benefits of a global perspective. 

It’s a matter of thinking outside of the box, and continuing working towards a world in which location stops being a barrier to hiring, and instead becomes a competitive advantage to find the best person for the job anywhere in the world. 

Remote is the modern global payroll, tax, HR and compliance solution for distributed teams. Remote enables companies of all sizes to hire anyone, anywhere in the world in minutes. Founded in 2019 by Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre, the company is growing exponentially as the premier solution for companies looking to simplify employment of global talent. Remote’s mission is to bring remote cultures closer so that people and companies can grow further. In 2021, Remote was named Best Company for Diversity by Comparably and crowned with Inc’s Best Workplaces Award for its company culture and capacity to redefine the workplace.

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