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Madrid-based Bechester is ready for European expansion with its one-stop-shop for furnishing needs

Launched in 2019, Bechester wants to give everyone access to the furniture that fits their lives, allowing users to put their personality into the place they live or work. The proptech platform has just raised additional funding and is now looking to expand through Europe and beyond. 

Based in Madrid, the startup is a one-stop-shop for every furnishing need with an end-to-end solution for any real estate asset from residential to offices or even buildings or co-livings. The Spanish company has now raised about €1.5 million and has grown revenues 15x in the past 6 months, with backing from Faraday Venture Partners and strategic business angels such as Hugo Arévalo (Co-founder of ThePowerMBA), Felipe Navío (Co-founder of jobandtalent) and  Iñigo Juantegui (Co-founder of La Nevera Roja & Ontruck). 

According to Ignacio Posadas Pinedo, Bechester’s CEO and Co-founder commented: “This funding round will let us reach Bechester’s short term goals prior to a second investment phase; our target is to keep a strong growth in our different acquisition channels and to make a transition from a Spanish start-up to a European company.”

The young company already has deals and partnerships with the likes of IKEA, where its furniture is offered on a rental basis, and Testa Home. 

Bechester enables users access to furniture regardless of their circumstances via two different platforms. On Rentchester.com, users can rent furniture for as long as they need, with just a single monthly fee. It means that those renting a home or office space aren’t constrained when it comes to making their living/working space a pleasure to be in. The company also operates Buychester.es, which is a vertical marketplace to buy and compare furniture, decor and appliances of any style and budget with new and second-hand products and delivery & assembly services.

Bechester relies on the circular economy to offer a service that extends the useful life of furniture to achieve sustainable, financial & social benefits. The preloved market gives furniture enjoyed by other people (and in perfect conditions) a second life to foster responsible consumption. 

Since its early days in Madrid and subsequently positioning itself in Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga, the Spanish company wants to stretch to new horizons. Paris has been selected as the first European Hub on this international journey. They have been present in the city for just over a month and have already closed deals of over €100k – showing great promise for the future.

Jaime Biel, Faraday’s Partner added: “We strongly support Bechester’s project and team, they have proven an innovative model to disrupt and develop the new consumer behavior trends for the real estate market”.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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