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German proptech startup Predium picks up €1.6 million for its ESG software solution

It’s reported that real estate is responsible for about 30% of Co2 emissions in Germany, causing 115 million tons of CO2. Founded in 2021, Predium wants to help companies manage their buildings in an economically and ecologically forward-thinking way, to help make this sector greener and more planet-friendly. 

The Munich-based startup has just picked up €1.6 million in pre-seed funding for its mission. The funding was led by btov Partners and 2bX. Other investors include business angels Maximilian Viessmann (Viessmann Group), Kristofer Fichtner (Thermondo and ecoworks) and Michael Wax (forto).

Predium is an all-in-one platform that brings together various process steps for sustainable real estate management in one place. This makes it easier for project developers, property managers and housing companies in particular to define ESG goals for properties, select measures and price the investment financially, practically at the push of a button. Previously, these complex process steps had to be performed individually in a time-consuming manner.

While Europe is on the road towards net-zero, all industries need to find ways to reduce carbon footprints and contribute. In the real estate world, it’s no different. Rising energy prices and legal requirements for the sustainable management of real estate are increasing the pressure on the real estate industry.

Jens Thumm, founder and CEO of Predium Technology, explained: “Often, the current CO2 balance of the buildings is missing. In addition, companies cannot refurbish all buildings in the short term. The question arises as to which measures should be implemented at what point in time and what costs and savings these entail over time. The answer to this is currently an expensive and cumbersome mix of Excel and consulting projects. We are changing that with Predium.”

The Predium platform was developed together with Prof. Kunibert Lennerts from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as the first all-in-one solution that determines ESG balances, proposes CO2 reduction measures and backs them up with an investment calculation. With these findings, Predium also helps companies to identify economic opportunities in the purchase and sale of real estate. This results in significant competitive advantages for Predium’s customers. 

Jochen Gutbrod, Partner at btov Partners, added: “Companies in the real estate industry will have to manage their assets more proactively in a sustainable manner in the future. Only those companies that achieve ambitious sustainability goals in an economically efficient and sensible manner will be able to survive in the market. This is where Predium comes in with its comprehensive solution.”

Maximilian Viessmann, CEO of the Viessmann Group, also said: “Predium is the right solution for the real estate industry at the right time. The platform helps to turn the duty of sustainability into an opportunity and to manage real estate in such a way that it does not lose value,”

The fresh funding will be used by the proptech innovators for market development and to further grow the team. 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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