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Fueling the transition to a more sustainable food system Berlin-based Bosque Foods cooks up €2.8 million

The future health of our planet is under increasing pressure. We are now becoming more and more aware of the challenges future generations may have to endure and we all know that action needs to be taken – and fast – to make society more sustainable. 

Bosque Foods, founded in Berlin, want to accelerate the world’s transition to environmentally sustainable, equitable, and animal-free protein – aiming to make people and the planet healthier for the long term. The biotech startup has just raised about €2.8 million to develop mycelium-based whole-cut meat alternatives. 

In the mission to become a global leader in fermentation tech, as well as a trusted brand in the alt protein landscape, the company is using the humble mushroom. It’s all part of the plan to address climate change and lower the carbon footprint of the animal agriculture industry by providing consumers with healthier, tastier, and diverse meat alternatives. In doing so, the startup is swiftly becoming one of Europe’s key players in a growing movement. This fresh funding was led by FoodLabs, Happiness Capital, SOSV, Blue Horizon, Blue Impact, and angel investor Arman Anatürk.  

Bosque Founder and CEO Isabella Iglesias-Musachio, commented: “A growing segment of consumers want to reduce their meat consumption for health or environmental reasons but feel unsatisfied by the alternatives available to them— ultra-processed patties, nuggets high in sodium, and products packed with synthetic chemicals and additives. Our aim is to offer a real alternative, and we’re happy to have such renowned investors supporting our mission.” 

The impact-driven startup uses its proprietary technology to cultivate pure, edible mycelium, through a process called solid-state biomass fermentation. This new-to-market ingredient can be used to create clean-label, minimally processed whole cuts similar to filets of chicken and pork. In the alternative protein industry dominated by mostly liquid fermentation companies, Bosque Foods is one of the few companies working with solid-state fermentation to create mycelium for food. 

Christian Guba, Senior Associate at FoodLabs, added: “We’re seeing a major shift in the alternative protein space as fermentation technology is set to replace many plant-based products, combining flavor and texture with a short time to market. However, there are few solutions available addressing whole-cut meats. Bosque Foods has developed a fascinating approach that addresses this problem using the power of mycelium.”

With the new capital, Bosque Foods aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of its revolutionary product as well as kickstart collaborations with progressive chefs and restaurants. The team will also test their manufacturing technology at a pilot scale and apply for regulatory approval to bring their products to market within Europe and the US.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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