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Connecting top marketing talent with businesses across the world MarketerHire accelerates its EMEA expansion (Sponsored)

Marketing is all around us. In our digital world, we are constantly impacted by marketing strategies – whether it be in our email inbox, through our social media or in the different encounters we have as we go about our daily lives. Businesses globally are now spending substantial budgets on creating top-quality marketing teams, and it has meant there is higher demand than ever before for experts. 

MarketerHire is a leading talent marketplace and on-demand hiring platform dedicated to marketing. The San-Francisco based company, founded in 2018, connects vetted marketing experts with the world’s leading brands in multiple industries as well as agencies – and now they are launching into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Marketerhire has set up headquarters for its EMEA takeover in London. From here, the team will grow the mission to enable startups, brands and agencies across the EMEA region to rapidly and seamlessly scale their growth, through on-demand access to highly-qualified, experienced marketing professionals. Leading the international business operations and growth strategy will be Mo Hassoun – the former Senior Manager of Startups at Google. Mo is now MarketerHire’s Head of  Europe, Middle East and Africa. His previous experience also includes serving as Brand Building Manager at Unilever, as well as account management roles at leading European agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather.

During his tenure as a brand marketing and agency executive, Hassoun recognized the challenge to source high-quality marketers––especially those with the specific expertise necessary to market on new media platforms––and its impact on operational efficiency and overall revenue. 

This announcement comes on the heels of the brand’s recent launch of MarketerHire For Agencies – the only hiring solution designed to meet the unique needs of agencies – further solidifying the company’s foothold and momentum in the marketing industry.

MarketerHire’s Process

MarkterHire leverages a proprietary combination of AI technology and human oversight to match available roles with qualified marketing experts within 48 hours, ensuring timely staffing with optimal client/expert fits every time, mitigating historically lengthy and expensive hiring and onboarding processes.

Clients are guaranteed immediate and cost-efficient access to the world’s best marketers, who are briefed and ready to work from day one. At the same time, the talent can leverage their skills and experience, and enjoy the freedom of working freelance, to best capitalize on market demand. 

MarketerHire’s unique platform is an essential point of reference for any startup or SMB to get the marketing talent they need, so check it out here

To make the best use of MarketerHire, first, think about which kind of marketer you need, then, get in touch to tell the team about your need. They will set up a meeting l with you to get a clear understanding of your marketing needs. By doing this, they can handpick the best marketer for your needs.

The support doesn’t stop there. The team checks in every two weeks and if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your marketer, they match you with a new one.

Get in touch with MarketerHire today. 

Democratising access to marketing experts on a global scale 

With worldwide advertising spending exceeding a reported $650 billion in 2021 fueled by the continued growth of digital marketing and increased specialization of marketing expertise across emerging new media platforms––international brands and agencies are struggling to keep pace with the unique demands of each region.

With the launch of its new EMEA division, Marketerhire is enabling businesses across the region to quickly and easily access the best marketing talent with specific expertise across myriad platforms and marketing mediums. Startups, in particular, will benefit from this service, and we all know how much the startup scene is thriving in Europe at the moment. WIth MarketerHire, the EMEA startup ecosystem will be able to benefit from top marketing talent that will help make aspirations and dreams come true. 

The platform and service offerings will cater to the unique marketing demands and workforce conditions of each country, effectively addressing the expert workforce instability across the international business landscape, while also acknowledging the distinct cultural and economic attributes of each country across the region.

The launch of MarketerHire’s EMEA division was accelerated in response to the rapid adoption and growth of the platform within the U.S. market, and demand from EMEA-based businesses to:

  • Increase hiring speeds
  • Ensure scalability by flexibly staffing marketing teams according to demand
  • Equip brands and agencies with pre-vetted, expert marketers that can slot directly into existing teams

Marketing talent is under demand like never before and those SMBs on the hunt for some marketing excellence shouldn’t miss the chance to explore the talent available. 

Sahar Davodi, founder of Loch, a Dubai-based brand and MarkterHire customer, said: “As an entrepreneur operating in today’s fast-paced and often disjointed marketing landscape, expert support is necessary to success. A business is only as strong as the team it employs and trying to find and retain the best talent––particularly in the marketing realm––has always been one of our biggest challenges. MarketerHire has helped to match us with the right expert for every marketing task in our pipeline, providing us with unmatched peace of mind.”

An expert team providing experts to teams 

MarketerHire’s mission is to connect top marketing talent with experience from global brands and hot startups with businesses quickly and seamlessly. So, it makes sense that they themselves have a highly-talented team running things. 

Hassoun and his team will work to alleviate this challenge across the business landscape.

 “In serving the needs of brands as both an in-house marketing and agency executive, I’ve developed an intimate understanding for the unique marketing needs of each region, industry, and specific brand. What is consistent across the entire international landscape is the exorbitant amount of time, money, and resources spent sourcing and hiring the right marketing talent to engage target audiences and meet specific business needs––an issue that is certainly not exclusive to the United States.”

“MarkterHire’s technology, coupled with the caliber of marketing professionals and freelancers on the platform, delivers unrivaled access, ease, and efficiency to the entire process. I am excited to continue to scale the platform in the EMEA region and help brands in multiple countries achieve their marketing goals without the cost or burden previously levied on hiring teams.”

MarketerHire is used by early-stage startups, billion-dollar unicorns, and Fortune 100 companies alike. Customers include Netflix, Palantir, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Lambda School, and thousands more. Now’s the time to make sure you’re in on the action too.

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