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5 great reasons to visit Startup Festival ViennaUP! (Sponsored)

Startup Festival ViennaUP is kicking off on the 27th of May! ViennaUP is a decentralized, community-driven festival that is shining a light on what the future of technology holds for Europe. 

The festival consists of dozens of individual events that programme partners from the wider startup ecosystem have put together. It means that participants can register for individual events and come together at the ViennaUP Homebase and at different cafes around the beautiful city of Vienna. Some events have a price associated, some are free and open to the public. The festival is bringing a lot of great opportunities to network, learn more and take part in a European celebration of startup innovation and progression. From the chance to see ideas turn into something concrete in the blink of an eye to exploring how to increase diversity in the ecosystem and promote sustainable approaches, there’s something for everyone at this event taking place in the heart of Europe. 

Still not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons to visit Startup Festival ViennaUP this year!

You want to see a brilliant idea become reality (almost) overnight

From May 27th to May 29th, ViennaUP will see its first-ever Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon! At this event, groundbreaking new applications will be created on the NEAR blockchain, giving developers, designers and innovators alike the chance to work with the best minds in the industry and learn new skills. Winners receive a generous prize package. 

Also taking place is Startup Live Vienna, which is giving impact-driven startups dedicated support, feedback and the chance to build a network and meet mentors. It’s the chance to give your innovative idea a big boost. Now, want to see an idea come to life in 48 hours? Well, InnoDays is turning ideas into prototypes just like that. The spring edition will run during ViennaUP this year. 

You think women belong in the C-Suite, especially as founders

While entrepreneurship is (slowly) becoming more diverse and equitable along gender lines, there’s still much work to be done. Becoming a female founder and/or c-suite executive isn’t easy, but being part of a supportive environment can make it easier. Vienna is actually regarded as one of Europe’s capitals of female entrepreneurship! With events dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs, a famously high standard of living, an ecosystem of support, and, the fact Vienna lies in the heart of Europe, the city is a great place for women to scale startups.

This year’s ViennaUP event will feature different events that focus on supporting and growing women’s presence in the startup world – including, a find your female co-founder event and a leadership event to explore the key traits of leadership. WoMentor, a Vienna-based think tank that is striving to achieve gender equality, diversity and mindfulness in the business world, will also host a hybrid event based on how collaboration can fuel empowerment. Taking place on May 31st, this agenda highlight will feature keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, pitch sessions, and networking opportunities and is perfect for everyone interested in community building and collaboration in entrepreneurship. 

But that’s not all, LTST 2022 has also been added to the line-up and it’s being described as Europe’s leading event for female entrepreneurship. ‘Lead Today Shape Tomorrow has been organised by Female Founders and is bringing together more than 2,500 participants to make meaningful connections. The aim is to bring about meaningful conversations between startup and tech opinion leaders to contribute to an ecosystem with equal opportunities. Female Founders, based in Vienna since conception in 2016, is an organisation driving gender diversity in tech and innovation. On a mission to create equal opportunities and gender diversity across Europe, the team reach over 45k people across Europe – this event is one you don’t want to miss!

You have a green solution for an urban area

The City of Vienna frequently ranks as the most liveable in the world. It’s a city that is now investing in the future, constantly looking to become more sustainable and pleasant. Startups have been central to the city’s ‘smart city’ policy – helping guide efforts to make the urban environment greener and more accessible. 

Through ViennaUP, the city hopes to showcase its successes, but also to draw innovation and entrepreneurship. Its Smart City Summit brings city-level decision-makers together with innovators and startups. Vienna Calling: Zero-Emission Cities is a funding opportunity administered by the Vienna Business Agency that calls on innovators to submit projects in the field of climate protection or climate change adaptation. 

You’re looking for business partners and investors

Vienna’s ecosystem is one built upon collaboration and connection – an approach reflected throughout the events that comprise the ViennaUP program.

Europe’s wider startup ecosystem relies upon connectivity and networking. To that end, the festival has put a lot of effort into ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, recruit talent, get your name out and find funds.

Be sure to check out events like the START:IP Matching Day, the AVCO Investors Breakfast and especially Connect Day, the major match-making event of the festival. ViennaUP is able to take place in person again after an online hiatus, so now is the chance to shake hands and meet some friendly faces. 

You want to get to know the world’s most liveable city

If all of the above isn’t enough… how about the fact that Vienna is truly a European gem? It’s been noted several times as a great place to live, with an excellent quality of life and it’s also one of the top cities globally for startups. According to the Vienna Business Agency, exactly 9,063 new companies were formed in Vienna in 2021, while 1,381 international startups applied for the Vienna Business Agency’s startup package. 

Vienna is quite literally at the heart of Europe, making it an excellent test market for companies with their sights set on markets of Germany, Switzerland and the rest of Western Europe. At the same time, it’s a hub and major investor in CEE nations. 

Vienna’s infrastructure and pace of life make it a wonderful place to visit – and live. With a great public transport system in place, delicious tap water, efficient garbage and recycling systems, and free education, it’s a town that puts humans first. The city is continuously investing in improvements and expansions to its services. What’s more, the town is full of publically accessible green areas, giving us all the chance to breathe deep and enjoy the fresh air that inspires new ideas. 

ViennaUP 2022 has a jam-packed schedule full of different events relevant for any founder, investor or startup enthusiast. Check out the program here and give yourself the perfect excuse to check out this beautiful city.

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